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Mark Lorenzana is a fulltime copywriter and researcher for a multinational company based in Cebu City, Philippines. He has written regular columns and several articles for various local newspapers and moonlights as a copyeditor and freelance writer. He is an avid fan of MMA, and goes boxing at the famed ALA Gym, home to Filipino boxers Z Gorres, Rey Bautista, AJ Banal, and reigning WBO minimumweight champion Donnie Nietes.

Mark lives in Talisay City with his two pitbulls, Nitro and Spike.

Articles By  Mark Lorenzana

»  01-07-10 Floyd Jr., cowardice, and his myriad of reasons
»  12-13-09 Malignaggi wins against Diaz but needs to stop steroid accusations against Pacquiao
»  11-16-09 Cotto drubbing sets up Mayweather vs Pacquiao
»  10-21-09 A few questions on the pound for pound rankings
»  08-12-09 Anderson Silva proves why he’s one of the best fighters in MMA
»  07-31-09 Pacquiao and Cotto, two fighters just looking out for their own best interests
»  07-22-09 Floyd is an “exciting” talker, but needs to be a more exciting fighter
»  07-13-09 Brock Lesnar needs to brush up on his people skills
»  07-13-09 UFC 100 Recap: Brock Lesnar needs to brush up on his people skills
»  07-08-09 The UFC hits 100!
»  07-08-09 Fearless Forecasts for UFC 100
»  06-28-09 Juanma downs opponent, Ortiz falls
»  06-21-09 Sugar Shane Mosley plays the Whining Game
»  06-13-09 Kimbo Slice and The Ultimate Fighter
»  06-11-09 The Manny Pacquiao Sweepstakes
»  05-28-09 Lyoto Machida: Enter the Dragon Era
»  05-21-09 Bigger, stronger Floyd Jr. looks to shoot down Marquez
»  05-13-09 Anderson Silva fought, won, and was found wanting
»  05-11-09 Why Manny Pacquiao will beat Mayweather Jr.
»  05-05-09 The Same Old Ricky Hatton
»  04-19-09 UFC 97 results
»  04-19-09 Donaire, Viloria vanquish foes
»  04-07-09 Edwin Valero’s blessing and curse
»  04-05-09 Valero stops Pitalua, Bradley decisions Holt
»  04-03-09 Silva should move up to light heavyweight
»  03-24-09 Simulating Boxing's Super Fights
»  03-16-09 Kimbo Slice: A Product of Sheer Marketing and Hype?
»  02-22-09 Sanchez decisions Stevenson in UFC 95
»  02-16-09 Last Stand for the Iceman
»  02-01-09 UFC 94: St-Pierre Batters BJ Penn in Rematch
»  01-27-09 Mosley Strips off Margarito’s Air of Invincibility
»  01-22-09 Looking back on the House that Royce Gracie built
»  01-09-09 Another year for Pacquiao, Silva to prove doubters wrong
»  12-24-08 Hatton vs. Pacquiao: A Question of Excess and Overindulgence?
»  12-17-08 Should Floyd Jr. Jump the Queue on Pacquiao Sweepstakes?
»  12-12-08 Fear, Terror, and Fascination
»  12-07-08 Pacman makes Golden Boy quit
»  12-02-08 Nogueira vs. Mir: The Will and Resolve to Keep on Fighting
»  11-27-08 Griffin vs. Evans: Saving the Best for Last
»  11-24-08 Mixed Martial Arts: Restoring Honor through Blood and Guts
»  11-21-08 UFC 94: In Pursuit of Blood-sweet revenge


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