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Sarah Fina
Sarah Fina is currently the Marketing Director for the boxing events at The Buffalo Bill’s Casino in Primm, NV. She has been involved in contact sports since the age of six. She has trained alongside some of the biggest names in the sport at Wildcard Boxing Gym in Hollywood, CA. She is also a boxing manager and an aspiring promoter. She has been fortunate enough to work with the amazing talent Rashad Holloway. Sarah has worked with Arena Boxing and Top Rank as a PR. Her biggest accomplishment to date was coordinating a show in Cincinnati, OH under Lamon Brewster’s Relentless Events. Lamon fought the main event. Sarah was given the freedom to put together the undercard which included welterweight prospect Rashad Holloway and Aaron Pryor Jr. Sarah’s goal in boxing is to bring compassion and heart back to the sport. She also hopes to one day be the most successful female promoter in boxing history! Besides boxing, Sarah is a proud single mother of a six year old little girl named Najah which in Arabic means SUCCESS!

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