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Mark Lyons
Mark Lyons is a lifelong fan of Boxing, MMA, and the Baltimore Ravens. When not spending quality time with his family or drinking the occasional beer watching sporting events, Mark is employed in the mortgage industry.

Latest articles by Mark Lyons

12-02-11 TUF 14 Finale Preview
12-02-11 Breaking Down Mares vs. Agbeko and Moreno vs. Darchinyan
12-02-11 Cotto vs. Margarito: Ultimate Grudge
11-25-11 Breaking Down Cintron vs. Alvarez
11-25-11 8CN Bantamweight MMA Rankings
11-22-11 8CN Light Heavyweight MMA Rankings
11-18-11 Breaking Down UFC 139
11-18-11 Previewing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Peter Manfredo Jr.
11-17-11 8CN Heavyweight MMA Rankings
11-11-11 UFC on Fox: Breaking down Velasquez vs. Dos Santos
11-11-11 There will be blood: Pacquiao vs. Marquez
11-08-11 Remembering Smokin Joe Frazier
11-04-11 Previewing Angulo vs. Kirkland & Quillin vs. McEwan
11-04-11 Breaking Down Bute vs. Johnson
11-04-11 8CN's MMA Welterweight Rankings
11-02-11 8CN's MMA Lightweight Rankings
10-28-11 UFC 137 Preview and Predictions
10-28-11 Breaking Down Marquez vs. Concepcion II
10-27-11 The Evolution of Boxing and the American Response
10-21-11 Breaking down Donaire vs. Narvaez
10-21-11 8CN Bantamweight Rankings
10-18-11 8CN Featherweight Rankings:
10-14-11 Breaking down Hopkins vs. Dawson and more....
10-13-11 Top 100 Fights: #3-1
10-12-11 8CN Lightweight Rankings
10-11-11 8CN Middleweight Rankings
10-10-11 Top 100 Fights: #6-4; Morales vs. Barrera, Holyfield vs. Qawi, and Vazquez vs. Marquez
10-08-11 8CN Heavyweight Rankings:
10-07-11 UFC 136 Preview:
10-07-11 8CN Light Heavyweight Rankings
10-05-11 8CN Welterweight Rankings
10-01-11 Top 100 Fights: #13-10; Gonzalez vs. Letterlough, Edwards vs. Chacon, Lee vs. LoCicero, and Morales vs. Pacquiao
09-30-11 Weekend Rundown
09-30-11 UFC Live 6 Preview
09-27-11 Top 100 Fights: #17-14; Muhammad vs. Johnson, Holmes vs. Norton, Sosa vs. Williams, and Hagler vs. Mugabi
09-23-11 Top 100 Fights: #21-18; Gatti vs. Rodriguez, Brewer vs. Pemberton, Hagler vs. Hearns, and Duran vs. Leonard
09-23-11 UFC 135 Preview
09-20-11 Mayweather vs. Ortiz Aftermath
09-20-11 Top 100 Fights: #25-22; Chavez vs. Taylor, Sanchez vs. Nelson, Bowe vs. Holyfield, and Gomez vs. Pintor
09-16-11 Breaking down Mayweather vs. Ortiz
09-15-11 Top 100 Fights: #29-26; Mosley vs. De La Hoya, Mancini vs. Kim Freitas vs. Barrios, and Leonard vs. Hearns
09-13-11 8CN Lightweight Rankings:
09-13-11 Top 100 Fights: #33-30; Lopez vs. Ayala, Benn vs. McClellan, vs. Robinson vs. Gatti, and Carbajal vs. Gonzalez
09-08-11 8CN Featherweight Rankings
09-08-11 Top 100 Fights: #37-34; Trinidad vs. Vargas, Casamayor vs. Corrales, Toney vs. Jirov, and Cruz vs. McGuigan
09-06-11 8CN Bantamweight Rankings
09-06-11 Top 100 fights: #41-38; Kelley vs. Dorsey, Bowe vs. Golota, Holyfield vs. Dokes, and Hamed vs. Kelley
09-02-11 Top 100 Fights: #45-42; Ward vs. Augustus, Kelley vs. Gainer, Moorer vs. Cooper, and Hearns vs. Leonard
08-29-11 Henderson vs. Rua; Make it happen
08-29-11 Top 100 Fights: #49-46; Margarito vs. Cotto, Holyfield vs. Bowe, Curry vs. Brooks, and Pacquiao vs. Marquez
08-26-11 UFC 134 Predictions
08-26-11 Breaking down Povetkin vs. Chagaev and Helenius vs. Liakhovich
08-25-11 Top 100 Fights: #52-50; Morrison vs. Ruddock, Randall vs. Chavez, Vazquez vs. Marquez, and a MMA special (Noguiera vs. Crocop)
08-22-11 Top 100 Fights: #56-53; Carr vs. Bramble, Arce vs. Hussein, Harding vs. Andries, and Ramirez vs. Rosario
08-19-11 Bellator 48 Predictions
08-18-11 Top 100 Fights: #60-57; Rahman vs. Sanders, Marquez vs. Vazquez, Maidana vs. Morales, and Pacquiao vs. Marquez
08-16-11 Top 100 Fights: #64-61; Fletcher vs. Jackson, Bowe vs.Holyfield, Morrison vs. Williams and De La Hoya vs. Vargas
08-12-11 Top 100 Fights : #68-65; Pacquiao vs. Morales, Barrera vs. McKiney, Holyfield vs. Cooper, and Douglas vs Tyson
08-10-11 Dream Fight: Tyson vs. Frazier
08-08-11 Top 100 Fights: #72-69; Weaver vs. Coetzee, Whitaker vs. Hurtado, Holmes vs. Witherspoon, and Muhammad vs. Conteh
08-05-11 Breaking down UFC 133 Evans vs. Ortiz
08-03-11 Top 100 Fights : #76-73; MAB vs Morales, Bowe vs Golota, Tszyu vs Hurtado, and Arguello vs Mancini
08-01-11 Top 100 Fights: #80-77; Norris vs. Waters, Lopez vs. Lockrige, Brewster vs. Wladimir, and Botha vs. Briggs
07-29-11 Fedor vs. Henderson: Legend's Collide
07-27-11 Top 100 Fights : #84-81; Khan vs. Maidana, Tyson vs. Ruddock, Toney vs. McCallum, and Fenech vs. Nelson
07-25-11 Top 100 fights: #88-85; Marquez v Diaz, Barkley v Hearns, Pryor v Johnson, and Pintor v Zarate
07-22-11 Weekend Rundown: Khan vs. Judah, Fury vs. Chisora and more
07-21-11 Top 100 Fights: #92-89, Mugabi v Green, Pedroza v Lockridge, Lewis v Klitschko, and Bramble v Mancini
07-20-11 Tarver TKO’s Green in 9th round
07-18-11 Top 100 Fights : #96- 93, Moorer v Stewart, Benitez v Palomino, Rosario v Davis, and Berto v Collazo
07-15-11 Weeks rundown: Marquez vs Ramos, Burns vs Cook, Viloria vs Miranda, Tarver vs Green and more
07-13-11 Top 100 Fights: #99-97, Meza KO's Garza, Taylor draws with Wright, Mercer takes Witherspoon
07-13-11 Breaking down Williams vs. Lara
07-07-11 Weekend Rundown: Willams vs. Lara and more.....
07-06-11 Top 100 Fights: #100 Vincent Pettway KO’s Simon Brown
07-05-11 Breaking down Klitschko vs. Haye
06-30-11 UFC 132 Predictions
06-28-11 David Haye vs. Wladimir Klitschko Prediction
06-28-11 Alexander vs. Matthysse thoughts and Tavoris Cloud’s future

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