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Roy Jones Jr Mailbag Transcript


Hi Roy,

I flew my family to see you fight Trinidad in New York and Green in Sydney and we are coming to see you fight Hopkins.
When I was in Sydney I asked you if you hated Hopkins. You at that time said that you don't hate anybody. After seeing your interviews and reading quotes from both of you I can see you do not like each other. Can you use this to your advantage as I am sure he will be trying to take you out early before you can establish your greater boxing speed and boxing skills? Are you holding any pre fight sparring sessions or public question time like you did in Sydney? We arrive on the 31/3 and I would love to see any prefight events you hold.
I would love a chance meet you again, as I was lucky enough to run into you at the hotel in New York. In Sydney I spoke with Alton after the question time and hope that you do come back to Australia to avenge your "lose" to Green. It would be a great way to complete a fantastic career.

Best wishes for the fight, we are behind you all the way!



This is a good question because throughout my career people have always been trying to get me mad and riled up at whoever I'm fighting or even the press, hoping I'd want to rush out an prove something. They'd keep me mad at the world if they could, just thinking that'd help me. NO. It may work for some people, but MY thing is, I have to enjoy the fight. Admire the ease of my skills and how they're different and superior. If they aren't that night, of course it ain't gonna be that much fun! ha ha. But truly, getting all mad and trying to be a standard, regular old fighter with a chip on his shoulder really screws my game. All of it. You just can't lose your cool in ANY battle. You gotta keep ya wits best you can.

And I don't hate Bernard. I just don't particularly like him. I don't like the way he's handled things in the past, the things he says now. It's funny now because he always said it was my fault the rematch never happened, that I demanded a crazy amount of money. But we all know this rematch is about something else, and it always has been. As I said in another email answer, he can't beat me and it drives the man crazy. He's been haunted by this for dang near two decades. It's almost funny. I wonder if he had beat me back then if he'd be saying Jermaine Taylor was the only man who could "really" beat him, or if he'd be claiming to be "undefeated" in some pretend universe! Ahh, see people talk crazy. I'm just tired of a man I already BEAT, that's several years OLDER than me, saying I'm "old." And that I'm shot. Why the hell is he risking stepping in the ring with me then? Don't make sense. Guess that's all he got to say, so.... Okay. Hard to get too mad at that. See, I just do what I do, don't listen to the yap...and we'll let the "real" old man talk himself in little circles while I get ready. Thanks B

Roy Jones, Jr.

Hey Roy

I'm Paul I'm from Australia. I have a few questions do you think you can win the heavyweight title again and do you plan to move back up to heavyweight because thats what I'd like to see. What is your update with the Danny Green wrapping appeal, you made a strong case but what is going to happen with that will you fight for the Cruiserweight title again or is he going to get disqualified or no contest?
Another question is if You defeat Hopkins will you fight David Haye because Hopkins wants to fight him next.
I hope you can get revenge on Green and beat Bhop and hopefully win the heavyweight title like you did against Ruiz....All the best Roy


P.s Tire out Bernard and try keep your distance from the clinch as you did the first fight and execute the florry that will knock him out, because Bernard fights dirty when he clinches

Hi there Paul,

Man I got some fans in Australia! That's great, and I'm happy to answer some of your questions here. First of all, I can definitely get the heavyweight title if I want it. Problem is I'd probably come back down to cruiser and light heavy and the pain of that is the weight shift and what that does to a man's body. You saw what it did in the Tarver fight. A man simply cannot shed that much lean muscle THAT fast and keep his speed and strength! You really have to take your time and do it right. I wasn't given the chance with the Tarver fight after Ruiz, and you see what happened. I'm still frustrated with that because physically I wasn't nearly the man that I am naturally. The fight results sure show that, too. And that's just a natural result of the powers that be forcing a fighter to go, before he's physically ready. And fighters don't like to complain and stall so we just go along with it most the time. See that's just the way it is.

So, for that reason I MAY limit how much I jump around on the scales. We'll see. A good rivalry, (I DO love me a challenge!) and of course the right deal can always come around and motivate me. I really don't like it when people call my name and then somehow inch their way out of a deal. People know I'll come up or down in weight and take them on at any time. I'm still a VERY dangerous man in the ring. That's scares the shi*t outta them. They may feel they got something on me, age, whatever, but they know IF it's MY night..... they gonna regret it forever. Just like Hopkins has. You feel me, if the situation's right, and interests me, it's on. That's how it should be, right? Alright thank you man, you stay cool Paul.

Roy Jones, Jr

What it do Roy,

I'm a massive fan from down under (Australia) and just wanted to say you are a champion win or lose you will never lose me as a fan. The recent fight you had with Danny Green really hurt me, seeing you lose the way you lost, i know danny cheated and used illegal strapping and he should of been DQ. My question is can you please come back down under and SHUT HIM UP, because people down here still talk about it, i remember them saying when you beat a legend you become a legend now that is just trash because Danny Green isn't half the fighter you are. so my prays are you smash B-Hop then come back down here and teach danny the so called green machine a boxing lesson, if people still don't think your the best Yall must've forgot..... Raman


Hi there and thanks for being a loyal fan down under! I agree with you 100% but I won't talk too much about the legal part of since it's ongoing. Whatever happens I'm cool wit it. Danny Green is the one to be embarrassed bc he's claiming to be a "legend" since he kept smacking a legend with basically 2 illegal weapons. Now whether that gets proven in the eye of the officials I can't say. My job is to try to make things right for the sake of the sport, move forward with ease and be the best fighter I can be... and take all the lessons I learned with me. (Like not fighting outside the US where things can get very screwed up, and are hard to fix if they do.)

As for me having a rematch with Danny, I'm not sure what that means for Roy Jones, Jr. With me and Hopkins, he feels our first bout was close (it wasn't) and because of that wants to try again. He feels I'm the only who truly got the best of him. With me and Danny, I almost feel like I won, because he wouldn't step foot in the ring with me without wrapping himself silly. The man felt like he needed weapons against me so what's the point? I think the more he talks the less people want to hear him because they know what he did. He may keep that win in the end but he can't feel good about it. I know what's up so I don't really care. And that's a good thing! Appreciate your thoughts man.

Hello Roy,

My names Rohit Bangay im from england. reading your blog was really good. i like the fact things are perfect right now for you, its been the same for me recently as in everything is falling into place, and yea its a beautiful feeling, i also enjoy reading quotes an thoughts so i thought id share some inspirational ones with you, may give you some added extra positive vibes, "Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world" Buddha..."If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you" thats what it seems to me like youre doing, bringing it all forward, good times and lastly "No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl, instead he puts it on its stand so that those who come in may see the light!", all the best Roy, by the way im a young artist so if youd like a drawing done, let me know haha. Bit far fetched asking, but what the hey, you were great, are great and will remain great. peace brother.

Hey Rohit,

Thanks for the quotes, you're right, they surely are inspirational. And yep I am bringing it all forward. Blending the different aspects of myself into a stronger, more well rounded man and fighter. And one big part of me and a thing I love to do is help others, and I'm almost always in some sort of charity work. I just don't "roll tape" like many do so they can be seen doing it, ha ha. (That's cool, as long as they're helping.) But I am a fortunate man, and those in need are always in my thoughts. That one saying about lighting the lamp for others to see is a good one. I like that. I like the ones that help me see things clearly in my life. Maybe I should be a little more public in the things I do to shed that "light" on helping people whenever you can. It makes me wonder though. Ya know...Never really thought about this before but what if NO one did anything for anyone else? At all? No volunteers, charity, Red Cross, Big Brother Big Sister nothing... Wow. Not a good scene brother! Well pay it forward my man and keep the good vibes going. Peace.

Roy Jones, Jr.


In regards to what B-hop should do when he loses im saying hes gotta give up his executioner mask and get an AARP tattoo on his shoulder or atleast wear some AARP trunks or gloves.

Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson. Man,I love it! Ha haaa. Maybe he should do a commercial for AARP. Now that's one I haven't thought of just yet. My mind is working though. If this really is a grudge and revenge match for him, then something like that would just be great for the fans. I'm just gonna shut up his trash talk and old man comments and show him ain't nothing changed in 17 years except he got older and I got wiser. Now that's the truth! I'll be laughing about that for a while, that's a good one!

Roy Jones, Jr.

you know boxing like no one else from this era, Ray Robinson, Stanley ketchel, willie pep, et all and ofcourse a young Ali are your contemporaries- not Calzaghe or that one dimensional fighter tarver. But one thing my novice eyes notices about you-Im a banker- lately is your control of space and distance. You used to stay close enough for you to reach and hit, even if that meant throwing wider overhands, and be out of the counters but always punching with your legs. Now you are kinda there for the counters as you punch more flat footed in the intermediate no man's land. Is this more of a legs thing as we all get older, I'm 37 myself bro and I feel it, or is it a tactical adjustment that needs thinking about from your side. I remember you fighting close against Bernard the first time when he coulld still move, and he kept on your chest which is great for you. That guy you fought at 168 Brandon something fought you that way too. On your chest as Lacy proved, you got the inside fighting covered. I just think controlling the space between the inside and the "right" outside is where you get caught sometimes, look it even happened against Del Valle in 2002, you stood in punching distance and got caught by the ropes. And it always happened to Tyson near the end too. He failed to control the distance, when he was young he would take a few steps back and recharge fwd, as he got older he just stood there waiting for counters and he sure took a lot of them at the end. I think when you control the space- either on your chest or on the outside where you throw with your legs more- you are unbeatable. The key is getting off with your legs like you used to BEFORE you stepped up against Ruiz. Because when I re-watch that fight you kind of just stood in front of Ruiz all night and ducked and weaved when throwing some of your lead rights. But basically everything in that fight was stepping back one step- like Bernard did against Tito all night- and counter quickly. Against quicker light heavy's I don't think that works as well. Whattya think here Roy?
God Bless,

Wasseem Boraie

ps- Im using my gf's email cuz she likes it that way, best of luck in the fight bro, I will be there ringside, already got my tickets.

I like your analysis and I'm glad you're gonna be there ringside cause whatever my strategy is that night, Bernard simply can't pull it off against me. He may get a few good shots in, that's all good, but the fact remains BigHead just can't beat Roy Jones, Jr.! It makes the man crazy but that's the way it is. I think if more people learned the game and watched the fights from a tactical standpoint like you they'd actually enjoy it even more. Ya know I'm thinking that's one reason why MMA is so big with all different people because they know they moves, they styles, the holds, and that makes them feel like they're a PART of the fight. That's one reason I stick to my signature style (even though people say if I'm gonna continue fight on, I'll have to brace up and do this and that, etc.) But people know and love my style, it's usually very effective, and when it works it's awesome to watch! If I can't fight like Roy Jones, Jr, then I'm not gonna fight. Even if it means dealing with a real loss here or there, I have nothing more to prove to myself as a fighter, a man, a father, anything. I truly love this sport. It's in my blood, and this is how I like to do it. Now of course I WILL be adding some new moves to my current style and increasing my speed and strength to make sure it's a really fun, aggressive night for me. (And I swear feel it comin) But you could totally disguise me head to toe, and my fans would STILL know that's Roy Jones, Jr. standing over Bernard Hopkins. And that's how I likes it! Until then, W...

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