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James Toney talks future - 8CN Podcast




8CN – James what's up?

JT – I'm doing good just relaxing. Checking out the scenery you know?

8CN – You have been under the radar for awhile. What's going on? Nobody wants to fight you?

JT – Well it's not only that but the state of Nevada won't let me fight in Vegas.

8CN – Did they tell you why?

JT – Something about the steroid thing with John Ruiz. I never had a problem with no commission except for New York, and that was bogus.

8CN – So they are bringing up some shit that happened that long ago?

JT -  That's crazy ain't it?

8CN – They need to be more worried about the people juicing today.

JT – You ain't kidding

8CN – It sucks not being able to fight in Vegas, but they aren't the end all be all.

JT – There's a lot of places better than Vegas. It's where everywhere wants to be, but I fought in the Mecca Madison Square Garden, Detroit, Atlantic City.

8CN – You are in a tough spot. You're past the point of fighting guys that don't make sense. Holyfield just told me he's hanging up the gloves on Friday because he doesn't want to go through rankings again, and he's way past fighting nobody types.

JT – I'll fight Holyfield. I got a title, I got one.

8CN – He's going to be 50 on Friday.

JT – Oh shit I don't want to go to jail for murder.

8CN – So what are you going to do? You're no spring chicken no more either.

JT – Man, I am a spring chicken, a duckling, a Rottweiler, I am getting better with age.  In the meantime, I am shooting a few reality shows. I'm a bounty hunter, and I have been shooting that for the last 4 months.  I have another show called “The Book of James” so were keeping busy.

8CN – Have you filmed it already?

JT – Yea I been busting ass.

8CN – Are you a certified bondsman?

JT – Yea, certified bondsman, fugitive recovery, bullet proof vest all of it.

8CN – What is your time limit in this game?

JT – 5 years.

8CN – How old are you now?

JT – 24

8CN – How old are you now?

JT – 34

8CN – I think you are dyslexic lol

JT – Ha, you got me there.  Nah Brad, I just turned 44 last month.  I'm ready to go though.

8CN – How's your weight now?

JT – I'm slimmer now.

8CN – Who wins Pac Vs, JMM?

JT – Man I don't watch that shit.  I guess Manny by knockout.

8CN – I heard 50 Cent tried some shit when Floyd was in Jail, trying to pull a fast one.  FightHype.com reported that 50 tried to bounce Hayman away from Mayweather.

JT – What happened?

8CN – 50 tried to get in between Hayman and Floyd, according to FightHype's Ben Thompson.

JT – Did it happen?

8CN – I'm thinking Floyd and 50 had a falling out over it.

JT – 50 and Floyd ain't cool anyore?

8CN – Don't seem that way lol

JT – Man....

8CN – Take it easy JT.


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