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HELIX still rocking 30 years strong! Brian Vollmer talks Metal, touring, career!


Brian Vollmer "Helix"

Canadian rocker Brian Vollmer knew from an early age that he wanted to be on the big stage singing. His band “Helix” rocked many stages, and continues to do so to this day. Helix landed a recording contract with Capital Records back in 1983 and launched their debut record, “No Rest For The Wicked.” Their hit single off of this record, “Heavy Metal Love” which was their first video on MTV, put them on the map in America, and in many other places around the world.

The band followed up with a second record, “Walking The Razor's Edge” which produced the band's second big hit, “Rock You” which became the band's signature song. The album did very well for them, and it's the record that the band is best known for.


Vollmer released an Autobiography titled “Gimme an R” in 2005 and currently released a new song that's doing well in Canada called, “All I want for Christmas is the Leafs to win the cup.” Of course meaning the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Hockey team.

Helix is still doing their things 30 years strong and will soon be part of the Monster's of Rock tour which will include great bands such as Kix, Saxon, Keel, and Cinderella. Vollmer also keeps busy teaching a singing style called Belcanto. He talks about how this method of singing saved his voice and preserved his career.

Helix has made their mark in the music scene over the years. They have always been a fan friendly band, a band that has treated their fans well. It's nice to see that guys like Vollmer and his band Helix are still doing what they love, and that's to play music.



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