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"I'm going to pummel this kid!" - - Judah talks press conference melee, Angel Garcia, Danny Garcia, and more!


Five time world champion Zab "Super" Judah reacts to the near press conference brawl that took place in Brooklyn as a result of words spoken by Angel Garcia.  Judah wasn't happy with what Angel Garcia had to say about him in front of a packed house in Brooklyn.  After several comments made by the elder Garcia, Judah finally stood up and confronted him.  Things got heated, and pushing and shoving followed.

Judah joined the 8CN Podcast this evening and discussed what happened, and how he's feeling about things now.  He tells 8CN that he has no respect for Angel Garcia, but he does in fact respect Danny Garcia.  Judah tells the fans that Garcia is in for the fight of his life.

Check out the entire Podcast with Zab Super Judah!

Thanks to Davina Perez for assisting with the Podcast