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Roy Jones Jr reacts to Steve Collins, talks Pacquiao/Marquez and more!


Future Hall of Fame legend Roy Jones Jr spoke with 8CountNews this evening in order to react to some things said about him by former champ Steve Collins.  Roy didn't take too kindly to being called a "coward" and being accused of "ducking" Collins for his entire career.  Roy tells 8CN that he'll gladly fight Collins.  All they have to do is tell him when and where.  If anyone from Team Collins sees this response, they can contact Roy by Emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roy also talks in depth about the upcoming Manny Pacquiao Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez fight. He praised Manny for taking such a tough fight Vs. Marquez.  Roy says, "My hat goes off to Manny for taking this fight. He could have taken any other fighter, but he chose the guy that gave him his toughest fights."  Roy also says that someone is going down in this fight!

Roy also talks about Floyd Mayweather.  He thinks that the next opponent for Floyd should be Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero.  Roy says that Guerrero has earned the payday opportunity.  He says that Guerrero has proven himself and deserves the shot at Floyd.  He also praises Andre Berto for his performance, and showing how much heart he has.

Check out the Podcast with Roy Jones Jr!


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