Adult film star and boxing fan Brandi Love on Mayweather-Pacquiao, her career, and more!

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In this 8 Count News exclusive, David Hopper talks boxing with adult film star Brandi Love, an avid fan and student of the sweet science. Among the biggest names in the adult industry today, Love has starred in numerous scenes since her foray into porn a decade ago. The 41-year-old has made appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, The Dr. Keith Ablow Show and The Howard Stern Show. A self-proclaimed “sexual anthropologist,” she has written a book on sexuality and has lectured college students on sex and alternative relationships.

David Hopper: You’re very open about your love of boxing. You often tweet about fights to your nearly 200,000 Twitter followers. I read where you said you’ve been into boxing for more than 25 years and your husband boxed at the famed Kronk Gym in Detroit. Talk about how you were introduced to the sport.

Brandi Love: It’s kind of funny. It’s kind of like my love for football. I don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t enjoy it or that it wasn’t around me. My dad and brother were certainly into the football thing. I grew up in Detroit and boxing was huge. It was mainstream. ‘Rocky’ was always around when I was growing up. Though I was too little for the first one, by the time I hit my teen years they were pretty much all out. Myself being an athlete, I always appreciated and respected the sport of boxing. Even though I was a girl and it seemed a little brutal at times I still respected the pure athleticism of these guys – the mental strength, the physical strength, the training, not to mention, the skill. I think as a little kid just being around it and then growing up as a teenager being an athlete myself and appreciating the sport. Then I met my husband in college and he was a boxer. It’s just always been around me and it always will be.

DH: Who are some of your favorite active fighters?

BL: As far all-time favorites that are active, I really am a Pacquiao fan. I’m a Mayweather fan. I love Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin and Juan Manuel Marquez. Those are a few of the active ones that I’m enjoying watching. One of my hotspots is the MMA-boxing thing. People say ‘Oh, boxing’s dead.’ It just kills me because of the fighters I just listed. How can you say there’s nobody worth watching or that boxing is dead? The demographic is different. I believe it’s changed. I believe there are a lot of things the boxing world could do to bring it back, and I believe that some of it is starting. Watching Triple G, I think he’s gonna be around for a while and I think he’s gonna make some major major news. I think Alvarez is an amazing puncher. I was at the Mayweather-Canelo fight. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little bit disappointed. Not that I wanted to see Mayweather get knocked out, I just thought Canelo - he froze – he got nervous and he wasn’t punching. The only way you beat Mayweather is to be faster and to be a better puncher because you’re never gonna outbox him.

DH: Let’s talk about Mayweather-Pacquiao. Were you surprised the fight was finally made? Some fans had given up hope on it ever being made. Did you think that it would happen and what was your reaction when it finally did happen?

BL: My reaction was: It’s about time. And on the inside I was doing the happy dance. I got goose bumps I was so excited. I really believed it was a matter of time. I think both teams wanted it. I think I understand some of why it wasn’t happening. But the fact that it took five years, for me, does not depreciate the excitement at all. I’m just thrilled that it’s happening.

DH: Who will you be pulling for and who do you favor to win?

BL: I’ve always respected Mayweather as a fighter. His persona has not been my favorite. He’s a genius and it worked from the marketing standpoint, but his persona is what got under my skin. And Pacquiao, how can you not love the guy? He’s this great human being. He does all these wonderful things and he’s a helluva fighter. Up until [the March 11 press conference], I was really pushing for Pacquiao, I really think he’s an amazing fighter. I really think if he does certain things, if he fights rough, if he fights close, if he puts the pressure on. If he does those things, I believe he can beat Mayweather. But I watched the live conference and, this might sound silly, but Pacquiao gets to the microphone and he gave a sermon. He and I are of the same beliefs. People might find that crazy, but I practice the same faith. I didn’t want a preacher. I didn’t want a sermon. I wanted a fighter. I just sat there and I felt sad. And then Mayweather comes on. Poised, charismatic, thankful, graceful. And a fighter. It absolutely flipped my card. I actually think Floyd Mayweather deserves to win. I think he can win. And, honest to God, I think he will win. There’s a reason he’s 47-0. The guy lives, breathes, and eats boxing. Whether you love him or hate him, he is boxing. Pacquiao used to be. Now Pacquiao is a coach, he’s a politician, he’s involved in the military, he’s a father, he’s a dad, and he’s involved in music. Amazing human being. But I feel like he’s lost his fighter’s edge. You can be good at a lot of things or great at one thing, and Mayweather has earned my respect as being the guy who’s great at one thing.

DH: Do you think the fight will be competitive and exciting?

BL: I think it will absolutely be exciting. I think what’s fun to watch is that they are such extremely different fighters. Both of them have skill but you will not outskill Mayweather, in my opinion.  If Manny brings his ‘A’ game and he pressures Floyd and fights close and he punches and punches and punches, keeps up that momentum, I think he can throw Mayweather off. Do I think Manny will bring what he needs to bring to beat him? Who can call it, right? But I really don’t think so. Floyd doesn’t go down and he has an uncanny ability to keep his pace the same all the time. If Floyd walks in and plays that game and Manny falls into it, I think Manny is over. If Manny walks in and throws Mayweather’s game off and takes control it could be really interesting.

DH: Marcos Maidana had some success against Mayweather in his fights with him last year. Maidana threw 100 punches in the first round of their first bout and mauled Mayweather against the ropes. Maidana and Pacquiao are different fighters, of course, but do you feel Pacquiao will have to use similar tactics, pressuring Mayweather, keeping a high punch output and throwing punches from awkward angles like he does in order to outwork Mayweather and win the fight?

BL: You nailed it. I was impressed when Floyd took the fight because, in my opinion, Floyd knows that that’s the type of guy that can beat him. Pacquiao, though he’s not Maidana, they do have a similar skill set and you saw it work. Marcos did that and it worked. It’s a matter of being able to continue it. It’s just like in football. When a team is doing something and it’s working, don’t friggin’ change it because it’s working. It’s a very very hard pace to keep up, but if Pacquiao has the endurance and he fights like that, it could be a very interesting fight.

DH: Talk some about your career. What has your experience in the adult industry been like as one of the most popular adult actresses in the world?

BL: Well, it all started back in 2004 with My husband and I have always been adventurous. I’ve always been a free spirit. When the idea was presented, I thought, ‘This will be really fun. Let’s see what happens here.’ Something that started as a just a fun little hobby turned into an absolutely incredible career. I have no regrets. I’ve had so much fun. I’ve had so many opportunities. If it weren’t for adult I would have never have been on Howard Stern. I’ve had the opportunity to be on some mainstream television discussing my beliefs on human sexuality if you will. I speak at universities regarding human sexuality and relationships. It’s so interesting to me that something that was always very natural to me is something I made a career out of it. Not only a career, but in it’s own way, leave a mark. To me, there’s nothing more important than healthy relationships, whatever that means, and to get to be a part of that in our society, to me, it’s just been awesome. My other business is taking off. Things are going so fast and so good that I just can’t manage everything and I just don’t do anything half-assed. So I struck a deal with Brazzers and I’ll be doing my last 12 scenes for that company. I never ever see retirement because I’ll never retire, I just go from one career to another. It’s been absolutely incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to do everything I’ve set out to do. Now I have nine scenes left. Those are all very well thought out and opportunities to express myself in ways I haven’t yet. I feel extremely extremely lucky.

DH: Any closing remarks for your fans and the fight fans out there?

BL: For the fight fans, I believe the word is going to stop on May 2. I’ll be watching and I think no matter what happens it’s going to be historical. Keep supporting boxing. It’s coming on strong. I’ll look forward to hanging out and chatting with them about the different fights. For my fans in general, thank you for an incredible decade of raunchy fun sexual behavior. It’s been incredible getting to know them. I think I’ve been taught more than I’ve been able to teach. I have them to thank for all of it. I’m shooting my last 12 scenes for Brazzers. However, my focus is going back to my personal site Weekly updates and live members shows will continue and be better than ever. 

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