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Caleb Truax on his PBC fight vs. Fernando Guerrero





8CN’s Domingo Mejia got a chance to speak with middleweight contender Caleb Truax (25-2-2, 15 KOs). The 31-year-old Minnesota native will fight Fernando Guerrero (27-3, 19 KOs) Friday, Sept. 18 in the main event of a Premier Boxing Champions card live on Bounce TV. Traux lost by 12th round TKO to Danny Jacobs in April.


8CN: Let’s talk about your last fight against Danny Jacobs. How did you preparation for that fight go?


CT: The preparation went great. I had a great camp and good sparring. I actually probably had too much time to prepare for it. I knew about the fight for a long time and I may have over trained in the gym. I felt real good. I didn’t have to struggle to make weight. 


8CN: What are some things you learned from the Jacobs fight or things you felt you could have done differently?


CT: Going in to the fight I had a really good camp. I changed some things and did some things differently. I took a little bit away from the preparation and that camp. With the fight, I just kind of had an off night. Not taking anything away from Jacobs, I just wasn’t at 100 percent. He’s way too good of a fighter to have an off night against and he took advantage of it. I learned the hard way how good guys are at the championship level. I know I have to step my game up even more to get back there. 


8CN: Having fought in a world title fight against an elite fighter in Jacobs, do you feel like you’re on the level of the elite fighters?


CT: Absolutely man. I had an off night. It was still a competitive fight. He didn’t blow me away or anything like that. It was stopped with 30 seconds to go in the fight. I went out on my shield I guess you could say.  I definitely feel like I belong with the best fighters in the world. I just need to make a few adjustments and a few improvements and I’ll be even better.


8CN: Talk about how you dealt with the loss to Jacobs and how you plan to bounce back.


CT: It was really disappointing. Obviously when you work that hard and you’re confident that you’re going to win and you don’t get the desired result it’s a let down. To cope with it afterwards, I took about a month and a half off. That’s about the longest break I’ve had in my career. I relaxed, went fishing, hung out with my girl, and played with my dog, for about a month and a half straight. I decompressed and didn’t worry about boxing at all. After a month and a half I was inching to get back in the gym and was more hungry than ever. That’s what got me through the tough side of losing.


8CN: Talk about your game plan for Fernando Guerrero.


CT: With any southpaw, it’s important to work on getting the angles they have being left handed. We always work on that in sparring. I want to start fast and be aggressive. I want to impress the fans and impress the people at PBC so they invite me back for another big fight, hopefully a world title fight in the future. He doesn’t have the greatest chin, I’m gotta get some hard punches in and put some pressure on him. 


8CN: Talk about your future and being with PBC.


CT: After I get a win in this fight, I want the biggest fights possible. I want to be in fights that fans want to see. I love to fight in Minnesota and would love to possibly bring a big fight here. But I’ll fight whoever, whenever, wherever. 


8CN: What do you think of the middleweight division? 


CT: It’s loaded right now, especially with Cotto and Canelo moving up and fighting for the middleweight title in November. That’s a big fight. GGG is the man right now. He’s the guy to beat right now. But there are a lot of good fighters, Jacobs, Peter Quillin, Sergio Mora, Andy Lee. There are plenty of guys for me to mix it up with after this fight with Guerrero. I just gotta get past this fight. 





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