8CN Interview: Manny Lopez

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Greg Rowe of 8 Count News caught up with an up-and-coming boxing prospect out of Denver, Colorado, Manuel “Manny” Lopez (5-0, 4 KOs). Lopez fights out of Delgado’s Boxing gym – the same gym that former WBO junior welterweight champion Mike Alvarado fights out of, and is looked at by many as the future torchbearer for Colorado boxing.

8CN: Manny, first off, thank you for taking time to talk with us today. Tell us a little bit about how you got into boxing.

ML: Well, my dad was a fighter and a former world champion. He actually won the NBA middleweight title and fought all over, he fought a guy in Germany – a well-known fighter in Markus Beyer. My uncle, Lupe Lopez, was a pro fighter too.

8CN: Most fight fans don’t know what it’s like growing up in a house with a professional fighter. Was there any added pressure to become a fighter, or was it something you just wanted to do?

ML: No, there was no pressure to be a fighter. Actually, my dad didn’t want me going to the gym for a while, but he eventually did. So no there was no pressure to be a fighter.

8CN: Tell us about the amateur background, titles you won, and when was your first amateur fight?

ML: Well my first amateur fight was when I was 8 years old. I won the Junior Olympic state title and fought all over the country. I won State Golden Gloves titles and fought on the regional and national level, always coming up a little short. I took a short break and played football around the same time my dad won his world title, he came back and I fought. I actually went to nationals and that changed everything for me as I was actually scouted to go to college and box at Marquette In Michigan, where I was trained by Alfred Mitchell, who was the trainer for the 1996 Olympic Team and trained guys like Floyd Mayweather. I came back for the Olympic trials and came up short. I was very upset and decided to give it one more shot and then turned pro shortly after that.

8CN: There is an old adage in boxing that some fighter’s styles are more suited for the pro level than the amateur level. Would you say that’s you, and is that the reason you came up short on the national level?

ML: Oh, absolutely. I’ve always had more of a pro style – even my coach, Alfred Mitchell, and my promoter, Henry Delgado, who saw me fight as an amateur said I had a style that was for the pros and said it was time to go pro. I’ve been trained by my dad first and well Shann Vilahuer and Steve Maestas and Devaryl Williamson and Alfred Mitchell who all had their own style. So I have a lot of experience with good trainers.

8CN: Explain to the fans how you would describe your fighting style.

ML: I would say I come to fight. I am a boxer-puncher, and I can adapt to the style of my opponent and do what I have to do. I come to do damage. You won’t see me in the type of fight that guys are hugging and punching – I like to fight and look for the knockout. You won’t see me in a boring fight. In my last fight at the 1st Bank Center the guy just wanted to hold me and I tried to get him out but couldn’t.

8CN: When is your next fight and where will you be fighting?

ML: Right now I don’t know, Henry Delgado and Shann Vilhauer have me in the gym staying in shape and staying ready. I might be fighting on a Top Rank card here pretty soon, probably in California – that is where a bunch of Top Rank cards are. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to fight right now.

8CN: Is there anything you want to say to the fans that have seen you fight and continue to come out and support you? And what would you like to say to those fight fans out there who are getting introduced to you for the first time?

ML: Yeah, to all the fans that have been there I appreciate it, tons of them are small business owners who support me and sponsor me and are helping this movement of Manny Lopez get going and I really appreciate it. And to the fans who don’t know me yet, you will, get to know my name, get to know Colorado Boxing and I am here to entertain you and I will entertain you and I promise I come to fight and you won’t see me in a boring fight. Things are going great with Henry Delgado and they will continue to. I’m 5-0 with 4 KO’s so I’m blessed. Special thanks to 8 Count News for showing me some love.

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