8CN Faceoff: Pascal-Bute


Written By Greg Rowe and Michael Samuels


Coming up Saturday night at Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada two of Canada’s most popular fighters will square off for the NABF Light Heavyweight title on HBO in Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute. Here is what you the fight fan need to know about the matchup. First up will be the breakdown of Greg Rowe; followed by the breakdown of Michael Samuels.


Greg Rowe


DEFENSE: In a fight like this where you have a technical boxer versus a more rugged fighter it is almost always clear that that crafty boxer will have the better defense. However in this matchup it isn’t as clear an advantage for Bute as most would think. Pascal isn’t the technician that Bute is but he uses his style very effectively and can avoid punches. He will need to do so against the better boxer in Bute in this fight, pascal’s offense can be his defense, look for that in this fight.

Advantage: Even

EXPERIENCE: Both fighters have fought fights against big name fighters on their to the top and in facing each other they continue that trend. Bute has names such as Andrade, Bika, Joppy, Froch, Miranda and Johnson on his resume with only 1 loss in the bunch. Pascal on ther other hand has names such as Hopkins, Dawson and Froch to go along with 2 losses in his career. In facing Hopkins Pascal got valuable experience that will help his tremendously in this fight. Bute has had what I would consider more “big name? fights however as he has had 7 big fights in his career to Pascal’s 4 with Hopkins kind of balancing it out. I would say that the experience level of these two fighters is even headed intot he fight and I do believe it will show.

Advantage: Even

CHIN: It has been more than well documented that Pascal has the better chin of the two having seen Bute get demolished by a somewhat average to above average puncher in Carl Froch wheras Pascal has seemed to have been buzzed by accumulation of punches but never been down and out in a professional fight. Pascal will have the clear advantage in the chin category in this fight and he knows it. Thie chin factor in this fight will play as big a factor as anything else.

Advantage: Pascal

POWER: Both fighters can punch and have given boxing fans and critics alike huge knockouts in recent fights. Pascal sports 17 knockout’s in 28 career wins where Bute sports 24 knockout’s in 31 career wins. The numbers would look to be in the advantage of the boxer Bute but do NOT let the numbers fool you going into this fight. Bute has one punch KO power if he needs it but to me the harder puncher in this fight is Pascal. Pascal is the last man to drop the great Bernard Hopkins who hadn’t been dropped since felt like the cold war. Pascal has the abilty to throw hayemakers with a ton of thunder behind them, look for that early in this fight.

Advantage: Pascal

SPEED: Speed is a trait in boxing much like racing that “kills?. Both of the fighters in this fight have decent speed. Bute in using his footwork and hand speed while combination punching to the body and head and Pascal having the vaunted speed/power combination in which he can hit opponents with big shots they don’t see much like he did with Hopkins. I would look for bute to use his superior footwork to set up his fast combinations and I would look for Pascal to try and feint Bute out of position and use his speed to throw powershots.

Advantage: Even

FINAL VERDICT: Going into this fight I am a big fan of the overall skillset I see from Lucian Bute from a technical standpoint. I am also a big fan of power punchers who look for the knockout so I am attracted to the style of Jean Pascal as well. Bute is going to come in using his legs, footwork and boxing to try and frustrate Pascal into reaching in where he can counter him with his fast and heavy hands. He is going to have to keep it at a distance unless he has broken Pascal down and has him at a stage of mentally giving up which I don’t see happening. Bute has got to figh smart using angels and distance and avoid Pascal’s sneaky power. I see this fight being fought in two stages, Bute controlling the early first few rounds but Pascal catching him with something sneaky in between shots and hurting Bute how does not have as solid a chin. Pascal should be able to finish him much in the same fashion that Froch did and I see Pascal winning this fight by knockout.

Pascal by 7th Round KO



Michael Samuels


DEFENSE: Each fighter is pretty solid from a defensive standpoint. Lucian Bute, however, often doesn’t look the part. He stands there ready to throw power shots and for some reason or another, not many guys can pull the trigger on him and land anything clean. He uses good pressure and movement to confuse opponents and lull them to sleep before hammering them with devastating knockout blows. Pascal has lost twice via decision but he’s had his moments in every fight. Defense will be a key to this fight, but as it stands, Bute has the edge.

Advantage: Bute


EXPERIENCE: Think about this: from 2008-20011, Pascal fought Carl Froch, Adrian Diaconu twice, Chad Dawson and Bernard Hopkins twice. That’s the type of run that is hard to rival in the sport, regardless if a fighter comes out on the winning or losing end. Bute’s resume isn’t quite as seasoned – had he been included in Showtime’s dubious “Super Six? tournament this notion would be put to bed – but it is still very respectable. From 2008-2012 Bute faced William Joppy, Librado Andrae twice, Edison Miranda, Jesse Brinkley, Glen Johnson and Carl Froch. It’s clear both guys have fought some pretty reliable competition, but anytime you have 24 rounds of experience with Bernard Hopkins you have a good chance of winning the experience argument.

Advantage: Pascal


CHIN: A fighter’s chin is an important element in the fight game; but it’s not the end-all. So before we immediately label Lucian Bute the next “Glass Joe? because of his knockout loss at the hands of Carl Froch lets make sure we understand that any fighter – past or present – can be knocked out any time they step foot in the ring. Bute has as good a chin as anybody in the division, including Pascal. Both fighters are going to be there taking punishment and dishing it out.

Advantage: Even


POWER: During his rise to the top many people couldn’t help but paint quite a few question marks on Lucian Bute’s career. The only thing nobody questioned, though, was his ability to punch. He might not have been knocking out any future Hall-of-Fame inductees, but given the eye test most of his detractors wouldn’t put up much of a baseline argument on his punching power. Despite being knocked out in the 5th frame against Carl Froch in what many observers believed to be his first legitimate test, Bute can still crack with the best of him in his division. He puts a lot of power into his shots and I’m not convinced he will change the way he fights due to his first career loss. It was disappointing, but not career-ending. Pascal has pretty legit power, but it’s nothing that leaves people in awe. Both guys have the ability to hurt one another, but Bute has the clear advantage.

Advantage: Bute

SPEED: Both Bute and Pascal have legit speed. Pascal is more apt to use speed in his arsenal; whereas Bute doesn’t appear to have the same amount of quickness, but somehow manages a way to hit an opponent with a shot they never saw coming – and the end result is usually devastating. Boxing has never been simply about the numbers, but from a far it’s quite clear that Pascal possesses more speed than Bute. How he uses it will be a key determinate of how this fight plays out on Saturday.

Advantage: Pascal


FINAL VERDICT: This fight is going to come down to defense and discipline. Both guys have solid pedigrees and both guys can fight. On the outside looking in it appears Pascal has the intangibles to outbox Bute if he chooses. He has the charisma, the movement and the power to get the respect of Bute early. Pascal also has a lot of pride and there’s no doubt that Bute is going to have his moments during the fight. As soon as Pascal feels the power of his Canadian counterpart will he remain composed and stick to the game plan or will he try to fight fire with fire? My money is on Bute fighting a disciplined fight and wearing down Pascal late in the fight while possibly being behind on the scorecards.

Bute by 11th Round KO



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