8CN Interview: Cody Richard

Photo Credit: Kevin Ste Marie

8CN's Chris Thurman got a chance to catch up with undefeated junior welterweight prospect Cody Richard (14-0-1, 8 KOs) of Orange, Texas. Richard will fight Demond Brock on March 1 at the Evangeline Downs Casino in Opelousas, Louisiana. 

CT. How popular is the sport of boxing in the part of Texas where you live? 

CR. I live in a small town in west Texas. It’s not that popular, but when I fight I try to bring in a lot of people. A lot of my family, friends and supporters, things like that. But the big sport here is football. 

CT. What sparked your interest in boxing? 

CR. I got started at a young age. I started when I was 10. My grandpa used to box. I always looked up to him. That sort of sparked my interest. Other than that it was always something that appealed to me.

CT. How would you describe your fighting style?

CR. When people ask me that, I like to say I don't have a style. I can adapt basically to anything that's in front of me. If I'm in there with a brawler I can outbox 'em and adapt to him.

CT. You have a professional record of 14-0 with one draw. What do you attribute your success to so far?

CR. My dad, since I started boxing has been supporting me every step of the way. I don't really have a big manager or anything like that. He’s got my best interest. He’s always bringing in good sparring for me and other trainers to look at ‘em, things like that. He’s been a good part of my success. Other than that I think my determination and perseverance. Since I've started boxing I've always improved. Each week I'm still getting better.

CT. You're coming off of a win against Mario Lacey, a boxer with a losing record of 9-24-5. Are you doing anything differently to prepare for you're next fight?

CR. I'm just training hard like I always do. I'm always in the gym year 'round constantly trying to get better. It’s been a while since I've fought because I recently graduated college and got a job as a teacher and a coach. I'm in good shape now. I've been going to the gym since that fight. I'm not really doing anything different, just business as usual pretty much.

CT. What school did you graduate from?

CR. I graduated from a school called Lamar University. It’s in Beaumont, Texas.

CT. What are you teaching?

CR. I'm teaching middle school, 7th grade History and I'm also coaching football, basketball and track.

CT. Your next opponent is Demond Brock. He’s got a little less professional experience than you, with this next fight being his 8th, but has a winning record of 5-2. What are your expectations going into this fight against Brock?

CR. They say he’s pretty tough. I've seen a few videos of 'em. I'm expecting him to bring it. I'm sure he’s training hard just like I have. It'll probably be a very entertaining fight. I feel like as far as pro fights go he’s one of the better guys I've fought so I think its gonna be real exciting.

CT. Your next fight is in Opelousas, Louisiana. What is the farthest you've traveled from your hometown to fight professionally?

CR. Well I've fought a lot of fights in Louisiana and Texas, and I guess the farthest one I've fought so far is Arkansas.

CT. What do you think it’s gonna take for you to remain undefeated?

CR. Like I said, my father. Just keep listening, working with him. I don't really plan on changing anything up, just to keep winning you know. Hopefully after this fight, I would like to step up and take some bigger fights. I've been pro for a while. I haven't gotten too much exposure. I'm still young. I'm only 25 so hopefully in the near future Ill be able to get more exposure and hopefully bigger fights.

CT. Anything else to add for fans and supporters going into this next fight at the Evangeline Downs Casino in Opelousas, Louisiana?

CR. I wanna thank all the people that come out not only to support me but also to support Chad Broussard Boxncar Promotions. He always has a great show and he’s done great things for the sport of boxing, so whoever is coming out to watch the fight I appreciate, not only for the support of me but the sport of boxing as well.


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