9 Year Old Champ Kennedy Cunningham Has a NEW Heart!


Photo credit David Spagnolo

Boxing has had many champions lace up the glove over the years, but there's never been a 9 year old world champion.....until now. 9 year old Kennedy Cunningham, daughter of former cruiserweight world champion Steve and wife Livvy Cunningham just had successful heart transplant surgery.


The boxing community is a rather small one, so those who follow the Cunningham's on social media were aware that little Kennedy was going to have to have heart transplant surgery for a while now. I've been interviewing Steve Cunningham for years and in most interviews we would talk about his pride and joy, his daughter Kennedy. He would frequently talk about how much he loved her, and how much he admired her will to live.


Kennedy's mom, Livvy has been updating her FB friends each step of the way, and that final step came late last night. The time was finally upon them, and their little Angel was about to get a new heart. Then it happened, and finally by the grace of God their daughter's new heart was beating.


After reading Livvy's update that the surgery was over with and the doctors were encouraged, she released a short and emotional video thanking her friends and the boxing community for all of the prayers and well wishes.


8CountNews reached out to Steve Cunningham earlier this afternoon and received the following message from him, “Thank you so much. I know for a fact that prayer works.”

The Cunningham's have a lot of people pulling for their little champion. The 9 year old champ just knocked this fight right out of the ring and onto the score table.


God Bless and God Speed Kennedy.



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