A Boxing To-do-list for the new year


2015 is just around the corner and in such a short time it seems as if there is much to be done in boxing that wasn’t necessarily in 2014. It is my belief that we all could consider this just a SHORT version of “Things-to-Do? within boxing this coming year.


First on the list: Let’s stop faulting and start appreciating GGG. Despite his steadiness and demolition of opponent after opponent in the past few years, GGG has gained a legion of followers in a short time, but he also has garnered quite a few dedicated in discrediting him, which is rather perplexing.


The most common attack I see against the Kazakh bad boy is he hasn’t “fought anyone? and “he needs to move up to super middleweight!? It should serve as a reminder to everyone who supports either opinion, that while neither is true, it’s actually the reverse.


When the top fighters of a division openly declare their refusal to fight Gennady (Cotto has said this quite a few times) or they confirm their diversion in more of a quiet fashion a la vacating their title (I’m looking at you Quillin), it leaves me rather curious as to how this is in any way, is Golovkin’s fault. Here we have a guy who has a fan friendly style, but cares about what the fans think and want. How many fighters these days can we say truly care about their fans when at the same level? He has been doing everything he can to appeal to his fan base (‘Mexican Style’, LA Dodgers emblem on his trunks) and give them a good performance whenever he steps in the ring.


If the best middleweights out there choose to not take on a challenge as big as GGG for whatever their reasons may be, that should not serve as a marker for Golovkin’s skills or accomplishments. He’s fighting whoever is brave enough to square up with him, let’s not shade the man for being entertaining to us and fearful to his counterparts. We cannot let the cowardice of other fighters decide that GGG must look ahead to ‘prove’ himself. If he wants to sit at middleweight and clear out the division the best way he can, let him! If that’s the case he is doing it the way it used to be done. And if he chooses, he can move up when he is good and ready, because no matter what, in this instance the lack of willing competition is unfair to put on Golovkin’s shoulders only.

Second, I hope that in 2015, the boxing powers that be, can start to appreciate fighters like Mauricio Herrera and Guillermo Rigondeaux more. These guys both deserve to have the fan admiration AND the official ‘W’ on their records. Treating them as stepping stools or isolating them altogether really doesn’t help the already negative image boxing has. Herrera had a bittersweet year in 2014 and truly is a FOTY candidate for it (Max Kellerman said it best). He won the respect of the boxing world but was never properly rewarded for it. In spite of adversary, Mauricio has remained resilient and his gutsiness and craftsmanship in the ring, leaves much to appreciate, but instead he has become a sacrificial lamb for more foreseen ‘profitable’ fighters.

Rigondeaux beat Donaire at a time when he was looking unstoppable and made him look amateur, yet we have barely heard or seen of him since. Big networks have declined to showcase his fights. Why is that? Sure, Rigo’s style might appeal more to the ‘purist’ than the ‘blow-by-blow’ kind of fan, but to let a supreme boxer such as himself just go to waste, is a complete disservice to boxing not only as a sport, but as an art.


Thirdly and I’ll keep this short. As much as we all, including myself, want this fight to happen even though it is very much past due, the boxing world needs to take a step back and realize that boxing is more than Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. While this fight would only enhance boxing’s legacy, it does not define it. The ever on-going Pacquiao/Mayweather debates can almost be brain numbing at times, to a point where it just becomes pointless to discuss it any further. Because you know what? If the fighters and their teams can’t find a way to meet each other in that squared circle, all those discussions just turn into moot points, and we all will have to move on with our lives.

Lastly, and I say this at the end because it is probably the most important issue at hand in boxing today. It is relieving to see the two boxing giants of Golden Boy and Top Rank finally come together for the first time in a long time to make good fights happen. However this merger and any more like it will mean absolutely nothing, if the promoters, the judges and whoever else responsible, continue to outright rob fighters in gross fashion. Expecting boxing to improve and be as loved as it once was by everyone when it appeared on primetime television every week is a childish dream, if these decisions are going to ensue. Many fighters put everything they have into this sport and to essentially tell them that no matter what, even if they do everything they can to win in there, there is STILL a chance they won’t. Well, that just leaves a distasteful feeling in everyone’s mouth. We’ve got to do better.


So by the looks of it, for all that boxing has achieved this past year, it still has much to do, much to do …

Happy Holidays Fight Fans.





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