BC – Bob thanks for talking to me. Before we talk about Mayweather /Pacquiao, talk about your upcoming shows in January and February.

BA – We are very active and working on more HBO dates putting our fighters to work. Were gonna keep busy, and we are obviously busy trying to put the Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather fight together.

BC – Share with the fans where the negotiations are at with the fight.

BA – As far as we are concerned, we've negotiated all of the points, and we are all in accord. Pacquiao signed off on everything, and we are ready to rumble. I can't say the same for the other guy, but that's not my job. The people representing the other guy have to deliver him, and that's what we are waiting for.

BC – Is there truth that a venue has been agreed on?

BA – Everything is agreed to. People need to understand that. everything is agreed to by my guy (Pacquiao) and his (Mayweather's) representatives. Manny has signed off, now we are just waiting for the other side to deliver Mayweather.

BC – What's the difference between this time around and other so called attempts to get this fight done?

BA – It's the same bullshit. His people negotiate, then they say there's no negotiations, then Mayweather never steps up to the plate. It just solidifies my feeling all along that Mayweather doesn't want to fight Pacquiao. He never did.

BC – So this time is no different than any other time?

BA – The only difference this time is because Leslie Moonves (CEO CBS) has been doing some stellar work trying to close this match. He's met with everybody, he's talked to everybody. There's no question in my mind that Showtime and CBS want this match to happen.

BC – So Many is good with everything?

BA – Manny is good, and Top Rank is good.

BC – So Floyd is holding up this whole thing?

BA – That's the way I see it.

BC – Is Top Rank good for the May 2nd date?

BA – They wanted May 2nd and we (Top Rank) agreed. I didn't want to throw any obstacles in the way of this fight, so we agreed. I think it's a silly date because there's no Mexican fighter involved on that date, but
Floyd wanted this for May 2nd, and Manny went along with it.

BC – Is Floyd trying to price himself out of the fight?

BA – Negotiations have been going on and as far as we are concerned they are complete.

BC – So Floyd just won't sign the damn contract?

BA – They can't produce Floyd to agree. It's the same thing that happened with Ross Greenberg a few years ago when we agreed on everything then they couldn't produce Floyd Mayweather. Same thing when we got past the drug testing, Pacquiao agreed, and Mayweather wouldn't. This is no different than any other time.

BC – I'm trying to get out of you, for the fans, what the hold up is.

BA – Brad, Mayweather knows more about the boxing end of this, not the business end of this, the boxing side. He's a student of boxing. The worst style that he can fight is Manny Pacquiao, who's left handed, who throws punches from all angles, and will match him in speed. That's not a good fight for Floyd Mayweather.

BC – It's a good payday though Bob. Floyd loves money and this would be an awful lot of money.

BA – I understand that it's a good payday and it's something that the public really wants, but when he (Floyd) looks over the terrain, he realizes that the worst opponent for him is Manny Pacquiao.

BC – How far can you guys let this go before you have to move on and look for someone else to fight?

BA – We are going to push this to the end. We're not going to let them off of the hook. We want this fight to happen. The public wants it. It's time to stop fucking around. He needs to get some cajones. Even if its a difficult fight to accept for him, he needs to take it and do the best that he can.

BC – Thanks for the update. I'll be in touch.

BA – Thanks Brad.

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