Mayweather / Pacquiao Fight Still Alive But Window Is Closing For May 2nd Date




A few weeks ago I broke some news concerning Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather when Top Rank head Bob Arum went on the record with me. He said that they (Top Rank/Manny) signed off on and agreed to everything and that the other side just needed to deliver Floyd.

Since that conversation there's been other news sources that have been reporting that the networks involved (HBO/Showtime) had some major issues that were holding up the fight. After that came the big Manny / Floyd meet up at the Miami Heat game. Once the world saw that, the buzz about the potential monster fight took off like wild fire.

So since my conversation with Arum went out to the masses, I've sat on the sidelines and observed. I've been hesitant to report much else because so many different news sources were reporting different things, and both sides (Pacquiao/Mayweather) have been more stealthy as of late. 

Unlike other Monday morning Quarterbacks, such as wanna be Media Cop, Paul Magno, rather than take shots at reporters that actually call the main sources, I decided to wait and jump back in when the timing was better before reporting again.

I rang up a few more of my sources today. Here's what I can report. HBO recently released a statement saying that they were NOT an impediment. I can report that this is true. My sources (and they are good ones) back up HBO's statement. There are not many issues between the networks (HBO and Showtime) that are holding up the fight. I can also report that the two sides (Mayweather and Pacquiao) are still actively working things out, and that both sides are closer than they were when I spoke with Bob Arum a few weeks ago. Lastly, based on what a few sources have told me, the May 2nd date is still alive, but the longer it goes without a deal, the harder it will be to secure a May 2nd date. Personally, I think May 2nd is a stupid date as neither guy is from Mexico, but that's another story.

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