What Would A Fight Between GGG And Andre Ward Look Like?



Hello ladies and gentleman this is Michael " Smooth Cat" Turner and today I want to talk about two fighters who seem to be on a collision course! Gennady Golovkin and Andre Ward, it's blatantly obvious there is a lot of momentum building to this potential battle. Now what I do notice a lot of fans are very unreasonable and extremely judgemental when it comes to characterizing triple G. His detractors are all very dismissive of his in ring abilities and his opponents thus far, but some will overlook the fact that the top guys at 160 aren't necessary chopping at the bit to take on this challenge. In all fairness it's not his fault he's just that good where guys don't even want to take the risk of fighting him at all, but the consensus among golovkin detractors is he's ducking the 168lb division. That argument has no legs to stand on it's just biased individuals who have some form of disdain towards triple g for what ever reason they have.

Ok to touch on Andre Ward as we know one of the most talented fighters in the world today hands down. Outside of Floyd Mayweather or Guillermo Rigondeaux he's one of the purest boxers in the sport who has some dog in him and isn't afraid to release the inner beast! Now as we all know Ward has been out of action for 18 months, with that being said he no matter how talented, gifted, or special of a fighter he is you develop ring rust. I'm anticipating the return of SOG to the squared circle, but anyone thinking after taking 18 months out of the ring he's going to comeback against golovkin in his first fight are either being unrealistic with themselves or casuals who aren't capable of thinking rational at all!

As I mentioned early these two are on a collision course, they're only one weight class away from each other so this fight is bound to happen sometime in the near future. Now my question eventhough these two are legititmate stars is this fight a mega fight yet? I say not yet, but it can be built into a mega fight. First off we have to get Andre Ward active so get two tuneups lined up for him and after that a fight against a legit threat to garner the attention of the public, which will lead to the inevitable anticipation of him in a super fight. With golovkin he's said on numerous occasions he wants to unify the 160lb division. So let's fast forward a little he's unified the division and moved up to 168, he should go for a guy like Carl Froch ( if he's still fighting), James degale, or another top notch 168 lber to showcase he can handle the best of the division and is clearly ready for a showdown with Andre Ward!

As I mentioned I'm looking forward to this fight down the line maybe late 2016, now if promoted correctly this can be the next " Mega Fight" for the sport of boxing. These two skill wise are leagues better than their competition hence the reason people want to see these guys battle to see who's really the best of the best. You have the prototypical pure boxer with an edge about him in Andre Ward and on the other end you have the hybrid fighter in Gennady golovkin who has multiple ways to be successful in the ring. The true question is can Andre Ward stop the Kazakh destroyer or will Golovkin overwhelm a man who hasn't loss a fight since he was 12 years old? Interesting style clash, now it's time to build this fight up properly so we can have " Mega Fight 2.0"!!!



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