Frampton does it again, but can the ‘Belfast Boy’ step up to the challenge?



Carl Frampton has once again solidified his position in the Super Bantamweight division. This past Saturday night, Northern Ireland got to see their countryman take on and take out 'Hitman' Chris Avalos in five rounds. Quite a different performance was witnessed come fight night, rather than the theatrics Avalos gave during the weigh-in the day before.

Avalos looked to be out of place against Frampton, as if he never belonged to begin with. The Odyssey Arena was absolutely buzzing and such an intimidating atmosphere could have possibly caught the nerves of Avalos and hindered his ring activity. He was almost knocked out in Ortiz-esque fashion for dropping his hands for goodness sake! In spite of that, Frampton capitalized on the circumstances and successfully completed the first defense of his IBF title.

There's a bit of an awkward situation happening within the 122 pound division however, Guillermo Rigondeaux is the man to beat in the weight class. He is the big, pink, elephant in the room that everyone wants to act like they don't notice. Fighters and promoters alike seem to not want any parts of the Cuban, as one fight with 'Rigo' is all it seems to take to drop a fighter's stock rapidly. The master boxer he is, will round by round reveal every single flaw his opponent possesses and quite frankly, no boxer looking for longevity in this game wants that kind of fight.

Still, that is no excuse.

Be that as it may, Frampton shouldn't be singled out. He deserves all the credit for disposing of Avalos. He has even stated he wishes to possibly face division mate Scott Quigg next in a UK showdown and follow up with Rigondeaux, who he recognizes as the 'man to beat' in the weight class. But he isn't the only one to do this same song and dance, while Rigondeaux continues to be avoided. Leo Santa Cruz has been under a lot of heat lately for giving the same runaround in terms of when he will fight Rigondeaux as well. Many have spoken of their desire to face him, but we have yet to see it happen obviously.

Here is to hoping that the 'Belfast Boy' can break the ugly streak and step up to the challenge. It can be agreed that fighting Rigondeaux next would be a little soon, but a few more defenses and convincing wins and he should be ready to show the world what he can really do. If anything, a Frampton/Rigondeaux fight is needed to determine who gets the official rights to the "The Jackal" moniker, as both Frampton also known as 'The Jackal and Rigondeaux, 'El Chacal' share the same nickname.

In all seriousness, it is time for someone to grab the reigns here. The more Quigg, Cruz, or Frampton continue to win and Guillermo Rigondeaux is ignored, it just makes everyone look bad. It remains to be seen who will attempt to solve the Rigondeaux puzzle in the coming months.

Carl Frampton looks to have a little bit more of a belly than his counterparts and skill wise appears to be more adept to being tested in the ring. All in due time they say, but in this instance as long as there will be a time is what matters most.



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