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Justin Fortune Gives 8CN the 411 On Pacquiao Training Camp


Team Pacquiao updates 8CN on training camp! Pacquiao's conditioning coach Justin Fortune spoke with 8CountNews and shared his thoughts on Manny's progress as we approach the massive May 2nd fight Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.


8CN – How ya feeling man?


JF – Good, better every day thank you very much.


8CN – How is Manny looking so far?


JF – He's on schedule and he looks very good. He's physically the same as the old Manny.


8CN – Do you see the old fire in Manny?


JF – This is the Manny from back in the Morales and Barrera and 1st Marquez fights. This is where he sets his legacy.


8CN – He's fully aware of how big this one is. That's safe to say.


JF – He's so motivated for this fight that we actually have to pull him back a little bit. He wants to destroy this guy.


8CN – Has he knocked any of his sparring partners down yet?


JF – No, he's not that type of guy. He's not into dropping sparring partners, but listen when he wants to turn it on, he can. When he does Vs. Floyd they won't have any answer for that.


JF – How are you?


8CN – How am I? I don't get asked that much when I do these interviews (laughing) I'm good man. Thanks for asking.


JF – I asked because you're a mate.


8CN – Thanks man. We go back a lot of years.


8CN – How's Freddie's game plan looking. Is Manny focused hard on it?


JF - Yes, and if Manny listens to Freddie I believe that he'll knock Mayweather out.


8CN – So you believe that if Manny executes the game plan and listens to Freddie during the fight, that he will not only win, but he will knockout Floyd Mayweather?


JF – If he listens and executes, he'll knock Floyd out. His power is still where it's always been. Power doesn't leave. His speed hasn't gone anywhere yet either. At the moment his power and speed hasn't changed.


8CN – Pacquiao fans are concerned with Floyd's timing. JMM knocked out Manny because he timed Manny coming in with a perfectly placed right hand.


JF – Well Marquez punches harder, and back then he punched A LOT harder (laughing)


8CN – (LAUGHING) Yea lets leave that one alone.


JF – We won't go there (laughing.) Floyd is smart as hell, but I think JMM is smarter actually.


8CN – I talked to Al Bernstein a few weeks ago and we touched on how Floyd makes adjustments. Are you guys ready for that?


JF – Absolutely. Floyd usually takes awhile to get started. Whatever Floyd changes, as soon as Manny hits him, he'll do what he knows best. He'll go to the ropes and play defense.


8CN – I think that would be a bad move. Manny is not Cotto or Maidana.


JF – Very bad move.


8CN – Justine, thanks for talking to me. Good to catch up.


JF – No worries mate. Call me anytime.

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Justin Fortune Gives 8CN the 411 On Pacquiao Training Camp

Team Pacquiao updates 8CN on training camp! Pacquiao's conditioning coach Justin Fortune spoke with 8CountNews and shared his thoughts on Manny's progress as we approach the massive May 2nd fight Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. 8CN – How ya feeling man? JF – Good,…
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