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The Cotto,Canelo,GGG Trifecta




The middleweight division is not a bad place to be right now if you’re GGG. You’re at the top of

the food chain and you can oversee everything below you. If you’re not GGG however, then it

isn’t such a good place because maybe you’re Miguel Cotto and you have decided to occupy a

rather odd position. The position of wanting to wear the middleweight mask, but not having

interest in its’ legitimacy at the same time.

Throw Canelo in the mix too, he is not technically at the 160-pound division at the moment per

say, but he is pretty darn close, probably even faking the funk at this point, as in he should be

fighting one class higher, but chooses to milk his current for all its got.

This looks like a trifecta, the Cotto, Canelo, GGG trifecta. The race between three finishers to

see who ends up coming out first and then last.

With their recent wins, a Cotto/Canelo showdown looks more prominent and promising than

ever. However, there is still a chance that the fight will fall through again as it did when it was

racing for a May 2015 showdown against the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. Cotto and Canelo

both seem to be two guys with big egos, negotiations for the fight are said to be underway, and

if things do come to fruition, it’ll be interesting to see who ends up being the boss when it is all

said and done.

That is narrowing down everything from the pay scale, equal or who get’s more? Where will they

fight? We know Texas is ‘Canelo Country’ and NYC is Cotto’s second home. Weight? Canelo is

probably naturally a middleweight at this point in his career but doesn’t fight there likely for the

benefits of being the King at 154. Cotto, on the other hand, does but not really at the same time.

Chances are if they fight, Canelo will want the WBC Middleweight crown Cotto holds, but will

Miguel want to put it on the table?

 These things are important and can sometimes make or break whether a fight happens or not

especially when it is starring the two major faces of one of boxing’s long-standing rivalries,

Mexico versus Puerto Rico. These kind of fights are always good at keeping tradition alive and

giving boxing a nice shot of energy.

Then there stands Gennady Golovkin. The ‘boogeyman’ of the middleweight division just waiting

for whoever decides they are bold enough to step into the ring with him. Golovkin has called out

Miguel Cotto more times than can be counted and the public has also harped on the Puerto

Rican for dragging his feet.

It’s quite obvious Miguel Cotto has no interest in fighting Triple G. He’s laid out every excuse in

the book to reporters, fans and all alike, why he doesn’t need to fight this man even though he

holds the undisputed middleweight titles. Is it fair? No. It’s rather distasteful on Cotto’s part as it

is clear he wants to just coast these last years of his career and make as much money as

possible with little challenge.

Canelo has also added in his own thunder to the situation too. Directly following GGG’s TKO

win over Willie Munroe Jr. in May, Canelo threw a little heat on Twitter towards the middleweight

division and mocked the lack of formidable opponents he personally saw should the day come

for him to move up. A nice way for him to inject himself into the Cotto/GGG drama.

Cotto is getting closer to the back of the wall needless to say. He is going to have to face the

music against one or both of these men eventually. Or likely give up the benefits and the title he

is holding hostage. Canelo is going to have to move up a division, like he probably could have

afforded to physically a few fights ago and back up his bravado. And GGG, well GGG has to just

keep fighting who he can and continue to try to lure one of the other two into a fight with him.

Where it happens, how it happens or why it happens, I don’t think anyone cares anymore. Too

much talking seems to be going on and less of the fights that need to happen. Enough is

enough gentleman, just do it.



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