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Disguised robber claims to have assaulted Amir Khan

A robber made several claims of an incident with Amir Khan in a street brawl in Birmingham on Monday night ahead of the boxer’s press conference in London to announce his fight against Carlos Molina.

The masked man has posted a video on You Tube describing the violent scenes that took place and showing items he claimed to have stolen from Amir Khan’s vehicle. Howeve.r this video has now been removed due to violations of threatening behaviour, but not before it was viewed by more than 30,000 people.

In his press conference the very next morning, Khan’s hands seemed to be fine as he smiled and refused to talk about the incident. His father Shah Khan was not happy with what took place and said, “I’ve told them it takes a bigger man to walk away, let them have the car.”

There was no police involvement after the alleged incident and the robber went on to call Amir Khan names and said “You know the truth, and we know the truth you got the f*** knocked out.” He went on to show the You Tube audiences sport car keys and a designer leather bag, which he implied to belong to Khan and threatened him further about revealing other articles he claims to have stolen.

He ended the taunt with a clip of Amir Khan’s recent losing effort against Danny Garcia. Khan has left the UK and is now in Oakland, California adjusting to his new environment and bonding with his new coach Virgil Hunter. He will face Carlos Molina on the 15th of December to be aired on ShowTime Boxing and Sky HD1 at 1am in the UK.

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