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Reports on Emanuel Steward's passing a confusing mess

There was a lot of confusion this morning on the social network sites, IE Twitter and Facebook reporting the death of boxing's beloved Emanuel Steward. 8CN has decided to wait before reporting such news as to respect the Steward family. 

Twitter and Facebook lit up this morning with tweets and FB posts concerning Manny's death. All of them were very respectful comments, as Manny was a very loved man by his family, and his boxing family. Emanuel's sister, Diane went on the record and blasted the media for "premature reporting" and was visibly upset by it all. This is understandable as I am sure the family wanted to tell the world about this unfortunate news first. As of right now, 8CN still has not confirmed this story and chooses to believe Manny's sister, who happens to be in the same hospital room as Emanuel.

If the reports are true however, he will be sorely missed. 8CN has had him on our Podcast show several times over the years, and he's always been an absolute gentleman. Manny has always been so very gracious with his time and it was an absolute honor knowing him.

8CN will update as soon as we know more.


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