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8CN Q&A: Francois Botha on Sonny Bill Williams: “He should stick with rugby”

After months of planning, South Africa’s Francois Botha will finally face New Zealand Rugby star turned boxer Sonny Bill Williams in the ring on February 8th at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, in Queensland, Australia.

The 44 year old “White Buffalo” Botha (48-8-7, 29 KO’s) is looking to stop the momentum of the undefeated 27 year old Williams (5-0, 3 KO’s) in what has been a highly anticipated matchup.

8CN’s Darren Barcomb sat down with Botha to get his views on the bout and his opinion of Sonny Bill.


Barcomb: Well, your matchup with Sonny Bill Williams has finally been finalized for February 8th, what can we expect to see from the “White Buffalo” come fight night?


Botha: It’s going to be a rude awakening for him! Hopefully after he gets knocked out he will be able to continue his rugby career. He might not be able to catch the rugby ball anymore!


Barcomb: I did a recent interview with Sonny Bill where he told me “For this fight, I will play with time. I think I have a better physical condition than The White Buffalo.” What do you say about this? It seems that Sonny Bill thinks his physical conditioning will trump your strength and experience?


Botha: The Buffalo is in good shape and I’ve lost 9 kg already in training. The only time he is going to play with is when he is counting stars.


Barcomb: You’ve been known to take out highly praised prospects in the past (like Flo Simba). Do you think Sonny Bill is a legitimate boxer, or should he stay focused on Rugby?


Botha: Like I said he should stick with rugby. I did see some of his fights and he’s never fought a legitimate fighter. But the Buffalo won't take him lightly as he is a big boy. Remember what happened with Pac man and also my fight with Grant in the last round.


Barcomb: Not to look too far ahead, but what’s next after Sonny Bill? How active do you plan to be in 2013?


Botha: I have a lot of things coming my way and will be traveling the world to meet the Kings and Queens.

Expect fireworks on February 8th and to see Darren Barcomb’s recent 8CN interview with Sonny Bill Williams, visit:





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