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Do Pacquiao fans crave a 5th Marquez fight?

How many times can two fighters fight and still keep the fan interest going? Well, it looks like perhaps 5 times? Marquez Vs. Pacquiao 5 seems to be the fight that Arum most wants to make, and what Bob wants, he usually gets.

Pacquiao and Marquez have squared off 4 times already, and although it's gets a bit redundant, I have to admit, each time they fought it was exciting to watch. The last fight between the two looked like it was going to be 12 rounds of exciting action but Marquez closed the show early. As we all saw, Pacquiao got brutally knocked out from a punch that he simply did not see coming.

Personally, I think Manny should take whatever money that he has left, hang up the gloves, and live happily ever after in the Philippines. I would hate to see him suffer any long term side effects from so many years in this brutal sport.

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So Arum appears to be leaning hard towards making the 5th fight with Marquez, and word is he'll put it on outside of the USA. Some say it's because Pacquiao doesn't want to pay the US taxes, others have different theories, which I won't get into in this article.

The question is this. Will the fans buy a 5th fight against Marquez? Sure some of the die hard fans will certainly buy it, but I don't think it will do the same numbers as the 4th fight did. People are just not as excited as they once were. Manny isn't as invincible like he once was either. He's getting older, and things just don't seem to be falling his way anymore.

One thing I am pleased about. Pacquiao through all of the hype, the fame, the money, and the controversy, has remained a pretty humble guy. He's still as like able as he was 10 years ago. Fame hasn't changed his personality too much but the same can't be said for some of the people that surround him. That's another story as well.

Time will only tell what's going to happen with Manny and his career. Hopefully he'll retire soon, and get out of this brutal sport with his health and money intact.

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