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Guerrero talks Mayweather fight! 8CN Exclusive


BC - Do you see things in Mayweather's fight game that you can exploit?


RG: After studying his past fights I definitely see some flaws in his game that I can exploit.  He’s human just like every other man walking the planet.  He’s not invincible and I’m going to prove it on May 4th.


BC  - He's never been defeated. Why will you be able to do something nobody else has ...win?


RG: First off I can do many different things in the ring that he’s never seen before.  Second his mind games are not going to work on me.  Lastly I’m younger, stronger and faster.  He’s in trouble.


BC - Comment on this fight and the journey you took to get here


RG: Words can’t describe how amazing God is.  The road to get here was not easy. All the trials and tribulations that I had to go through to get to this point have prepared me for this moment.  My wife’s battle with cancer was the toughest fight of my life. Thank God we found a donor through BeTheMatch.org and she is alive and well today. From traveling overseas to win world titles to fighting with my back against the wall on many occasions, it’s unbelievable.  My team is incredible.  They’ve stuck by my side through thick and thin.  I have the same core group as I did when I was coming up. Now I’m going to shock the world and dethrone Floyd Mayweather. Everyone knows I’m a big believer in Jesus Chris and fact that I’m in this fight is proof that if you put God first in your life anything is possible.


BC - Did you watch any film of Mayweather vs. Cotto? Did you see things that you will put into your game plan from that fight?


RG:  Cotto did some really nice things in his fight with Floyd. I’ll take some of those things he did well and add my spin to them. I’m a totally different fighter and on fight night you’ll see the difference.


BC- How are you feeling mentally and physically going into this fight?

RG: Brad, you’ve known me for years.  Let me just tell you this, I’m ready to go and on May 4th a new pound for pound king will rise up.  This is my time to shine!!!

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