Freddie Roach goes off the deep end in China

When I woke up this morning, as usual, I grabbed my iPhone and jumped on Twitter to catch the morning tweets. The first tweet I looked at was from boxing scribe Elie Seckbach. He posted a video that he took of boxing trainer Robert Garcia conducting an interview with a media person. Forgive me, but I'm not exactly sure who Garcia was talking to.  Former champ, Brandon Rios was minding his business getting some cool down cardio time in on the stationary bike in the background.  Right in the middle of Garcia's interview, hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach walks up, interrupts the interview, and starts throwing directives at Garcia about leaving the gym. This is when all hell breaks loose.

Garcia, calmly told Roach that it would be 30 more minutes, or give me 30 more minutes, one of the two. It's a little hard to make it out, but one of those two things were said. Garcia then explained to Roach, calmly, that they were doing some interviews with ESPN.  Roach replied, “That's not my fault, get the fuck out of here.”  Garcia, still very calm said, “We aren't going anywhere.”  Then things get crazy. Roach upon hearing Garcia say, 'were not going anywhere' called Garcia a “piece of shit.”

From the video that I saw, I heard no cursing by Garcia. In fact the only curse Garcia said was when he told Roach not to call him a piece of shit. Once that was said, Garcia's team got involved basically telling Roach to get lost, to go away, to get out of here. Alex Ariza (Rios conditioning coach) got vocal and also told Roach to “get the F out of here.” Roach then looked at Ariza and said, “Throw me out!” and “Make me get out!” at which time Ariza started mocking Roach's Parkinson's disease. Ariza was completely out of line for the Parkinson's mock. Obviously Roach got pissed off after hearing that, and he went towards Ariza. Roach had no intentions of hugging Ariza that's for sure. Ariza knew Roach was coming towards him with bad intentions, so he decided to kick Roach in the chest. This too was out of line. Ariza knows better than to kick a guy with Parkinson's disease but to Ariza's credit, he apologized for his behavior.

After Ariza's drop kick to Roach's chest, the racist comments followed.  Roach can clearly be heard on the video calling one of Garcia's guys a “Mexican mother fucker” and by the way, that guy is half Irish.  Roach can also clearly be heard calling Seckbach a “Fucking Jew” and he no doubt called Garcia a “Piece of shit.” Roach was way out of line for these kinds of comments.

In an interview following this incident, Roach went on the record saying that it was Garcia that cursed at him first. Based on Seckbach's video, this is not true. Roach is the one that started with the cursing, and the insults.

Freddie Roach is no doubt one of the greatest trainers in many years. His resume speaks for itself, but this in no way gives him the right to drop racial slurs at Jewish people and Mexican people. I want to go on the record and say that Roach isn't all bad either. He's done a lot of good things for people over the years, but this does not excuse his behavior in China. 

This entire situation is one big mess. There is fault to spread on both sides. Ariza's mocking of Roach, and the kick to Roach's chest were uncalled for. Roach's provocation, his calling Garcia a piece of shit, and his Jewish comments toward Seckbach were totally out of line. Roach has temper problems. Earlier in the year he was caught on video shoving a blogger. He can be seen shoving the guy, and cursing at the guy.  He clearly has a temper issue. There's a pattern developing. 

Nobody should kick a man with Parkinson's, but if Roach doesn't want to get kicked in the chest then he shouldn't put himself in situations where these things can happen.

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Freddie Roach goes off the deep end in China

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