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Candidacy Distraction for Manny Pacquiao

While Manny Pacquiao prepares for his fourth embarkment against Juan Manual Marquez on December 8th , his wife Jinkee Pacquiao is running for vice governor of Sarangani, She filed her certificate of candidacy today, October 2nd, and she is going to be running for vice governor , representing the People’s Champ Movement. In addition to this, Manny Pacquiao will be bidding for re-election as he also filed his certificate today.

Now with both husband and wife having their political agendas mapped out, how does that seem to the boxing world?Are they making preparations for being in the political scene longer than the boxing scene, or are they going to cut their losses if Manny Pacquiao loses another fight? It sounds dramatic; however this contingency plan may be all they have if he suffers a further loss, which will mean there will no step towards a possible super fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley in his last fight on a controversial unanimous decision back in June and the fans were not greatly affected as they know by the scorecards statistically that he threw more punches, so in their hearts they know Pacquiao won that fight. There will be full admirable support for Pacquiao when he will face Marquez for the fourth time and he is confident that he shall win this showdown again. The Filipino champion is getting quicker with every fight that he has and there is no reason he should lose.

With Marquez’s wish being fulfilled to face Pacquiao one more time before he heads off into retirement , we can say that he will put on an excellent performance and he has the ability to go through the whole fight standing. This means everyone will be engrossed into a very good night of boxing. He did air his opinion that he wanted the fight in his hometown of Mexico as he was very disappointed with the last result, however mutual ground at the MGM at Vegas was finalised for December 8th.

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