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Peterson Camp Wins Bid...But Is It Worth It??

Headbangers Boxing, which is ran by IBF Super Lightweight Champion Lamont Peterson's manager Barry Hunter, was the lone purse-bidder for Peterson's mandatory defense against former Light Welterweight and Undisputed Welterweight Champion Zab Judah. Hunter won the bid for a whopping $50,000, meaning Peterson, the champion, will equate 75% of the purse, or $37,500. Judah will make $12,500, far less from the pay day's he received fighting the Floyd Mayweather's and the Kostya Tszyu's of the world.

But, if you're in the Peterson camp (and the Judah camp for that matter), why go after a fight where no one will watch. None of the major networks want the fight, Peterson is still hoping to get a license from somewhere following his suspension for elevated testosterone, and there are huge rumors that Top Rank is looking to lure Peterson in for a bout with Tim Bradley on December 15th. Peterson stands to make far more money in that fight than fighting Judah, HBO is firmly behind the bout, and its still possible that Peterson can get a license to fight in Bradley's backyard in Palm Springs, CA. Meanwhile, Judah's stance at staying at 140 may not be bad...as he may be deeemed Interim Champ while waiting on a solid opponent that can be the quality opponent he needs to lure in networks and receive a bigger payday.

Neither of the fighters should take this bout, for financial and logical reasons. Although Judah looked phenomenal against Vernon Paris in his last bout...the stinging loss to Amir Khan still lingers in the mind of HBO and Showtime executives. On top of that, Judah hasn't looked great on the big stage since beating Cory Spinks back in February 2005 for the Welterweight title. And although Peterson was superb in defeating Khan, he is fighting the stigma of beating a cheater by many. Something he can shake off by fighting and defeating Tim Bradley. Hopefully both fighters realize that fighting each other is not the best career move at the moment, and look at other routes, for their sakes as well as the sport's.