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Op-Ed; Denver Cuello should be handed title as compensation!

Denver Cuello had a such a terrible day, it should be listed as one for the Guinness Book of World Records.

First he is the subject of a controversial majority decision against Chinese champion Xiong Zhao Zhong at the World Trade Center in Dubai last Saturday, then in the process of performing spectacularly he tears his shoulder which results in surgery.

“It was my decision to fight,” Cuello said. “No one forced me to fight.(in regards to his shoulder) I wanted to fight because when will I get another chance to fight for the title? They always found a way to avoid me. They kept on making promises. Why should I let this chance slip away?”

Facing his opponent one-armed for most of the fight, was the least of his worries considering at the end of his long nightmarish bout ,there was not even the payday as contracted.

Instead the promoter, KO Promotions, used the excuse that the financial problems his company seems to be in resulted from “the theft of the event resources” according to  Zack Taumafai of that company.

To add insult to injury, Cuello and Leonil Legarda, who also fought on the card needed to foot the bill for their own return flights , along with the costs of the corner men etc.

Now  KO Promotions desires to pay Denver Cuello in an  installment plan as if they were purchasing a washing machine.

If the event resources were “Stolen” the WBC immediately should request from KO Promotions proof that these monies have been reported as stolen and at the least give Cuello a cause of action in a court of law against KO Promotions and/or the thieves.

At the least Cuello should be handed the title as compensation for the fraud committed against him.

Fraud, I do say, as  these fighters should have been paid at the weigh-in completion or notified and allowed to go home if the monies where not there to pay. One thing is certain I have never allowed a fighter to box on a show that I did not have in hand before leaving my country a return ticket and itinerary, for just these reasons.

I think an investigation by the sanctioning body needs to occur to confirm whether or not KO Promotions was aware PRIOR to the beginning of the bouts that they would have no money to pay. If they knew that could be considered theft of services.

A Hint from KO Promotions that they were indeed aware prior to the fight that they did not have the funds to pay the purses came in the memorandum that they poised to Cuello regarding the installment plan.

“the consequence of this matter (regarding the thief of event money) put a heavy strain upon the promoter and caused multiple hardships during the last days of preparation”

So apparently they were well aware that they had not enough to pay the fighters yet went on with the show , risking lives for nothing.

What proof do we have other than the word of a promoter that the money was in fact stolen?

Let us remind the WBC that one of the reasons that a professional boxing fund , that they have so kindly helped to form, is needed is the fact that professional fighters have been victims of bad management by promoters and managers for over a hundred years. This is a perfect example of the need for oversight , in our sport.

The WBC can once again stand for the side of right versus wrong, by voiding this loss in their record books, and standing on the side of a wronged fighter.  Cuello had the right to know he was going to be paid or not before stepping into the ring, and I for one would like to know if there were not rumors of promoter issues prior to the main event beginning, thus creating undue stress on these fighters.

8CN has contacted the WBC in this regards and are confident that we will receive a response as the WBC has always stood on the right side, when it came to justice and fighter welfare.


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