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Chocolate cigars that you can smoke

two guys-CigarBarsIf your a cigar smoker and have ever ventured north of the Massachusetts border than you have most likely stumbled into one of Two Guy's Smoke Shop three New Hampshire locations. Many friends of the leaf travel from Boston and as far as Providence to reap the benefits of what Two Guy's have to offer. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to talk stogies and their selection is second to none. What always drew me into this boutique is the guy's innovative store design and private label products. The latest being the Cigar Bar and I'm talking about your typical good old drinking bar. The latest smoke from the TG brand is reminiscent of those vintage candy bars from way back when. The cigars are a huge, 6" x 70 maduro box press that resembles a bar of chocolate. It delivers a medium bodied, slow burning package that is crammed with flavor of cedar and hint's of chocolate. At first sight these cigars may have you thinking of picking some up for gag gift's, but the real deal behind these lofty sticks is quality long filler masterpieces with an oily wrap. Check out Two Guys Smoke Shop!

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America's Best Wing Joints

There is nothing better than taking a handful of chicken wings, fishing them into a deep fryer and finally slapping a kickass cocktail of tomato and pepper based sauce all over the place. From the typical vegetarians point of view, it’s simply a pure creation from the antichrist, but for millions of American slobs it purely divine pleasure. The almighty buffalo chicken wing is perhaps the most iconic bite size bit of chicken in the nation, and the following joints are our top contenders for the title of “best wings in the U.S.”

Anchor Bar
Buffalo, New York

The birthplace of the buffalo wing was conceived right here in 1964. The Anchors story started with a group of friends who arrived at the bar late one night, and the only food Teressa Bellissimo could find was the wings usually used for their home made chicken stock. On this faithful night she deep-fried them and concocted a spicy sauce to coat them, and wham, a legend was born. To this day the Anchor Bar, in Upstate New York remains as iconic as the bird muscles they created. Is the original the best? While others have obviously run with the Anchors original recipe you can’t neglect the “cool factor” that runs up your spine while eating in the original wing joint and that makes this place extra special. Even if you cant make it to Buffalo you can order a batch for your next Monday night football game as they ship all over the country.


WOW Café American Grill and Wingery
Various Locations

Paul Ballard,s New Orleans Inspired variety of foul is slam dunk for those passionate about the Soul and Spice of Southern Louisiana. Ballard founded WOW Café in Covington, LA in 2001 where his wings caught fire with wingers from around the globe. While the WOW Café has spread their wings across America by franchising over 60 locations it still remains as authentic as the day the first store was opened. But Don’t dis-it because it’s a chain. The all American Grill still packs a WOW with their wings.



The Tavern Sports Grill
Little Rock 

The Tavern is great place to grab a beer, smoke some wings and watch a game. What makes the Tavern Grill’s wings so sexy is the four hour smoke hickory and applewood smoke bath they are pampered with before fornicating with scolding oil. Many loyal customers take em naked and skip the sauce completely, they are that good!



Hurricane Grill and Wings

If it’s variety that your after you will certainly find it at this favorite haunt in Miami, FL. With more than 30 different-flavored rubs and sauces it’s easy to get lost at Hurricane Grill and Wings. Choices include Thai ginger and garlic glaze, and ancho chile lime sauce and a simply ridiculous raspberry-chipotle sauce that is unlike any of it’s kind; a rich blend of raspberry and smoked jalapeño.


Buffs Pub

Just outside Boston you will find Buffs, a little hole in the wall that you could easily by pass on your way to the Mass Pike in Newton. Many belive these wings to be Boston’s best if you are looking for authentic Buffalo wings. This no frills joint is all about drinking beer and eating good wings. Try the Xtra Hot wings.


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Chocolate cigars that you can smoke

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