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CIGAR fest 2013 lights up the sky

It’s true. CIGARfest, America’s Official Mega-Herf, is 10 years old. Where did the time go? You blink and your baby ain’t so little no more. Or, in our case, your baby has evolved into a big, hairy monster with razor sharp claws. A monster over 6,000 cigar-fueled lunatics flock to annually, assembling in droves to witness the biggest and bestest damn cigar event on the planet. It’s The Greatest Show in Herf, and it awaits the CI Nation.

2013 marks the 10th Anniversary of CIGARfest, and the past year has been spent conceiving new ways to amaze you. Epic new events to deliver the shock. Absurd, unthinkable, all-inclusive freebies and giveaways to bring the awe. Prepare thyself. You will be spoiled. Cigar-burning bliss is inevitable. Euphoria is a guaranteed side effect. The biggest names. The best brands. Ready for your arrival, and fully prepared to
blow your minds....

Yessir. We're getting closer and closer to the

10th Anniversary of CIGARfest. The biggest, baddest cigar event on the planet. Rather than spend another lazy weekend in your barcalounger, spend it with us and 6,000 of your fellow cigar lunatics. Hell, I'd be surprised if you decide to go home afterwards.

Here's the deal. Pre-registration for CIGARfest 2013 comes to a close tomorrow - Wednesday, January 30th - at 11:59pm ET. You must pre-register to purchase CIGARfest 2013 General Admission and VIH tickets online. Tickets go on sale on Saturday, February 2nd, at 2pm ET. In other words, act now.

Click here now to pre-register for CIGARfest 2013.

Tickets go fast - extremely fast - and are sold on a first come, first served basis. To streamline the process, pre-register, add your CIGARfest Threads to secure up to $244 in additional freebies, and be at the ready when tickets go on sale.

Want more? Want to get into CIGARfest 2013 early? Want to be a certified CIGARnut? Don't we all. CIGARnut tickets are available by online auction only. The auctions begin on Saturday, February 2nd, at 3pm ET. No pre-registration necessary. Just bid to win - or use the nifty 'QuickBuy' option for tickets and Threads. It's that simple!

Note: Pre-registration does not guarantee you tickets for CIGARfest 2013. You will not be charged during the pre-registration process. Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, February 2nd at 2pm ET.




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