Top 8 Common Nutrition Mistakes


Don't make your diet more confusing than it's worth. Keep it simple and take note of our top nutrition fumbles.

No.1 Thinking that fresh fruits and vegetables are better than frozen ones

Most people believe that fresher fruits and veggies are healthier to eat than those that are frozen. That is a common misconception because fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables offer the same amount of health benefits for our bodies. Some may argue that flash frozen fruits and veggies lose some nutrients, however the jury is still out if the amount is really worth ditching the frozen variety. For the convenience factor alone you can pack more fruit and vegetables into your diet if you stock up on frozen. 

No. 2 Depending on multivitamins
People that cannot withstand the taste of veggies are more likely to take multivitamins to achieve the nutrients their body needs. Multivitamins are just supplement for the body. It would still be best to have nutrients from its main source aside from taking multivitamins. Juicing is a fantastic way to sneak in your daily does of goodness while making them taste great.

No.3 Taking lots of sports drink at workout
Drowning yourself with so much hydrating sports drink would be helpful in replacing the energy that was loss during your workout, but drinking more water would still be the best.
Many sports drinks are filled with sugars and other chemicals like food dyes which can over time "do the body bad".

No. 4 Avoiding spices
I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want..... Spice! Some people avoid using condiments and other spices because these are rich in calories. But cooking oil might give you too much calories as well. Spice up your life and experiment. So all you guys and spice girls, Check out ethic food stores and experiment with some really wild looking grinds.

No.5 Focusing on your daily diet
Having a well-disciplined diet is healthy, but don't let that diet plan control. You might have the chance of getting bored of your food routine and might have lack of crave because of that. Change your meal plan monthly so you would not get bored of that.

No. 6 Eating less red meat
You might think that avoiding red meal would be good. Do not avoid red meat because this is your best supplier of energy and nutrients that are needed by your body.

No. 7 Believing that only calories should be considered for weight maintenance
It is a fact that the more calories you intake, you get more chances of gaining weight. Not all calories are bad. Remember that your body needs some calories too, whether you are thin or fat. The bottom line is that when you eat healthier foods, the lesser you crave for junk foods, which are abundant in calories.

No. 8 Thinking that natural herbs are all harmless
We believe that herbs are all safe. But before making these herbs as your remedies, you better research about this kind of herb you are going to intake, as well as where it was harvested.

A Couple More mistakes

Skipping meals to increase "fat burn"
Skipping meals before and after you workout is a no-no! Remember that your total calories matter at the end of your day. You body needs its proper nutrients each day and you don't need to cut them out! Try avoiding too much calories especially during night time when you do not need that much rather than the fats that you cut off.

Avoiding fruit because of its sugar content
It is true that fruits contain sugar, but these sugars are all natural and are not harmful to your blood that table sugars do. So do not avoid fruits on your diet! Another important thing is that the fructose found in the fruits is helpful in sustaining glycogen on your body.


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