Biker Battle Sparks Crazy Marriage Proposal

by 8countnews.com
It was caught on cam when a driver pulled his car into the path of a furious group of bikers. The motorcycle crew then surrounded the vehicle the passengers inside were a man and his terrified…
tiger woods gambling

Who's The Top Sports Gamblers?

by 8countnews.com
What do you do when your super star status has landed you more money then you know what to do with? Make more! According to Vegas insiders, 98.5% percent of casual gamblers lose over 90% of cash…

How to lose weight like a Playmate

Hey everyone, I get a ton of emails asking me how to train, how to lose weight, build muscle, etc... Here's my experience; I know what it's like to feel frustrated with diet and exercise. As a…

8 Toys That Are Worth More Than Gold

by 8countnews.com
Today's value of gold is roughly $1,250 an ounce. You could run out and buy a metal detector, send your old watches to one of those scam-for-gold.com's or you could dig thru that little gold mine in…
muhammad ali robe

8 Ridiculously Expensive Boxing Auctions

by 8countnews.com
Got $100,0000.00 burning a hole in your pocket? If so you can deck out the old man cave with some of these cool boxing collectables! Muhammad Ali Robe Vs George Foreman Robe An original robe made for…

Hi-Tech Gun Storage Safe for 2014

by 8countnews.com
So you want to safely stash your pistol at home but just cant seem to find a place that is safe and readily available in case of an emergency like a late night home intrusion. When asked, most gun…
harley davidson board racer

WWI Inspired Electric Bike

by 8CN Gear
Original 1914 Harley Davidson Board Track Racer Those fat bottom'd girls wont be slimming down any sooner with ICON's latest E-Flyer Electric Bicycle. This throwback cycle captures sexy smooth…

What Is The Worlds Most Expensive Cigar?

by 8CN Cigars and Drinks

Top 8 Common Nutrition Mistakes

by 8CN Health
Don't make your diet more confusing than it's worth. Keep it simple and take note of our top nutrition fumbles. No.1 Thinking that fresh fruits and vegetables are better than frozen ones Most people…

Enduracool Towel Keeping Hot Fighters Cool

by 8CN
Enduracool Towel ReviewAthletes are giving themselves the edge over old plain cotton towels again during their intense training sessions, thanks to Mission Athletecare‚Äôs Enduracool Towel.…

Top Gear For Fight Photography

by 8CN Gear
Whether you're at the local club, on the sidelines or at Madison Sq Garden, this collection of gear will make sure you're able to get the right shot's at fight night. Nikon D4 ($6,000). Nikon 14-24mm…

Kevin Durant and Nike Giving Oklahoma A Kick

by 8CN Gear
Nike stands with Kevin Durant to support the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. Nike will donate $1M worth of Nike products to those affected by the tornadoes, and all profits from Oklahoma City KD V…




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