Should You Buy Fitness Supplements On Amazon?

If you are looking to start taking supplements to compliment your workout routine take a look at these facts.

If you are new to body building supplements or male enhancement pills you will notice right away that the choices online are plentiful and down right confusing with the amount of brands floating around.

Whether you are thinking about buying creatine or HMB for muscle building or those natural little blue pills for a spike in testosterone you should always do your homework and purchase reputable brands from a reputable retailer.  

Why Amazon is not always a good choice to buy Supplements. is the #1 retail website in the world. Just about anyone can sign up as a Amazon Seller and list products for sale (like Ebay).

While there are millions of great products on Amazon there are also lots of bad ones.

There has been a trend of sellers pitching bogus fitness supplements all over the place.  In most cases these products sound great, they have killer graphics on the packages and lots of rave reviews by Amazon buyers.  The fact is that anyone can private label vitamins that are filled with ‘god knows what’ and sell them on Amazon and a number of other websites out there.Remember, supplements are not controlled by the FDA.

Many times these products will not fully list the product ingredients. A few products we looked at had incredibly high amounts of caffeine that was not documented in the listing. This could be fatal if taken by some.

It is well known by now that Amazon reviews are widely abused. Some of these sellers will pay people five dollars from websites like to give a positive review of their  product. High reviews bumps the product higher in search results and to the untrained shopper give a false sense of quality.

Why you can’t always trust those big fitness websites

You know the those big magazine websites like Muscle And Fitness and Mens Health?
Many people think just because those are well known magazines and websites they must always be telling the truth. We are not saying that they lie but they do sell advertising. So many supplement dealers buy advertising as text links nowadays. How can you really trust that they are pitching the product because they work. Or are they just mentioning the product because it makes them money.

The best place to buy supplements online

While we wouldn’t recommend just one place to buy muscle candy online here are a few things to get you started.

  1. Search well established websites like GNC, Vitamin Shop. These companies are more reputable because they have actual brick and mortar retail stores. They have been in business for many years and have a reputation to protect. If the product is listed on their website then it’s most likely a decent product. 

  2. Now that you have a product in mind you can feel free to search the web (including Amazon) to see if you can find a better deal. 

If you convince yourself that you found a supplement online that you are absolutely convinced that you will get you jacked like the Rock do this before you buy. 
Search it online. If the product only shows up on Amazon, its own website or a website that obviously is trying to pitch the product for its own Monterey gain then stay away from it.

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Should You Buy Fitness Supplements On Amazon?

If you are looking to start taking supplements to compliment your workout routine take a look at these facts. If you are new to body building supplements or male enhancement pills you will notice…

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