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Would You Say Fedor Is “The Best Fighter Ever’?

August 1st, 2011


Saturday evening provided an excellent night of mixed marital arts via the Strikeforce card; Fedor vs. Henderson.  Fedor Emelianenko was eager to make a win happen over Dan Henderson, but that simply did not happen.  Fedor lost in round one via TKO due to strikes, that was stopped by referee Herb Dean. 


Now that Fedor has lost three fights in a row, his career is currently unknown. Certainly some fighters can bounce right back, but “the last emperor” is not that type of contender to tell the world what his next step will be publicly.  With the former champ being faced with a possible career change in front of him, is it fair then to put a holt on the Fedor rumor mill that he is the best fighter to ever enter a cage?


If you watched the card on Saturday night, then you witnessed the commentators still saying that Emelianenko was the “best MMA fighter ever”.  This comes as a surprise to many as Fedor without a doubt was in Pride and has had a full career of wins with a record of 31-4, but considering he hasn’t had a win since Brett Rogers in 2009 is it safe to say his best has passed?  To the average MMA fan, names such as Anderson Silva (30-4) and Georges St. Pierre (22-2) come to mind, even Matt Hughes (45-8) are also veterans of MMA with exceptional careers that some may even say have surpassed Fedor, even more so for not ever competing in the UFC franchise.  The debate can go on for days, but Fedor is always going to be viewed as a decorated fighter, to say he is “the best ever” is still under speculation.


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