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Overeem and Coenen Cut From Strikeforce...Or Are They?

August 12th, 2011

Marloes Coenen has had one tremendous year.  Going from holding a title in the Strikeforce franchise to losing her job completely.  Coenen is one of the few who are represented by the Dutch management company, 'Golden Glory' a firm that was not able to come to a compromise with the Zuffa franchise.  Evidently, Dana White aimed at using the same policy the UFC has been utilizing for years, which entails paying the fighters directly; not their management teams.  This would mean the fighters are responsible for paying for any expenses such as their managers, trainers, lawyers, nutritionists and so on.


The Golden Glory team does not operate this way, and in doing so they have lost their contracted fighters that were based in the Zuffa franchises over not willing to make this change.  Many have theories this is because the managers take a percentage out that the fighter is not aware of, or that the managers will pay a smaller tax on the full purse the fighter earns.  This news released two rather popular fighters, Marloes Coenen and Alistair Overeem.  Certainly, for contenders as talented as they both are they can find another promotion to pick them up for a contract, but will it be the equivalent of the payout they were currently earning?


This news spread like wildfire all over the MMA forums, and incurred a back and forth exchange between Coenen and Dana White.  Dana is sticking to his initial remarks regarding the dispute and has said he has no issues with any of the fighters involved in the actions, just that he will continue to do business relations as they always have and pay the fighters directly versus their management teams.  Since this revelation, there have been some rumored talks focusing on a deal possibly in the works for Overeem to enter into the UFC, with the Golden Glory team releasing statements claiming they will make deals “if the terms are right.”  While this may merely be a bump in the road for Alistair, where would that leave Marloes considering she cannot be a part of the UFC as a female?  This matter should come to a holt shortly with fans on their toes curious as to where they can see these two competing again.

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