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8CN Exclusive: Sean "Big Sexy" McCorkle

November 18th, 2011

8CN's Jaclyn Hughes sat down with Sean McCorkle and got his thoughts on a wide array of topics.  Check out what McCorkle had to say in this exclusive 8CN interview.

Congrats on your winning streak, with those wins under your belt and the UFC using your image on the Undisputed 3 video game, what's left for you to accomplish before you have a new contract with them again?

"Probably a name win. The problem is that nobody with a name wants to fight me. And with promotions going out of business seemingly every day, there are fewer and fewer fights out there. I'll fight anyone, anytime, any long as it's a favorable match up that I'm almost guaranteed to win, for considerably more money than it's actually worth to the promoter."

What exactly is your opinion on the UFC franchise currently as you did have some reservations in the past prior to even signing with them over wages and such, where do you sit with them now?

"Going into the contract with the UFC I was unaware of their policy of discretionary bonuses given to virtually every fighter after every event. I also was unaware of the amount of money you could make sponsorship wise in the UFC. Even without all of that, I was happy with my UFC contract's guaranteed money and I am a capitalist down to the bone. You're only worth what someone is willing to pay you and the UFC is now the only game in town."

How do you feel about Chris Lytle running for senate in your home state of Indiana?

"I'm thrilled with it. I just think he really needs to work on his lying, cheating, stealing, and underhandedness if he hopes to stay in politics long term."

Do you ever resort back to your roots and utilize basketball drills to aide in your training camps prior to a fight?

"Never. I did enough of that s**t in college, and will never, ever do it again. I won't even watch people do it because of the traumatic memories it brings back."

You do a great job interacting with your fans on Facebook, what is the craziest thing one of them has said or asked you?

"If you leave out the bizarre offers I get from women on there, the craziest thing would probably be someone asking me if I would come to their birthday party which was 500 miles from my house. They weren't offering anything other than that it would make them "look cool to the girls there if he knew me."

A lot of your fans think you would make an excellent commentator for pro fights, is that something you would consider doing?

"I'd consider sleeping with a man if the money were right. So really, money would be the only consideration in doing it, or not doing it. A wise man once said "find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." I look at it a little differently. My saying is "Find a job that pays really well, unless you plan on working everyday for the rest of your life." Additionally I don't know if my sense of humor would appeal to the masses. I mean Larry the Cable Guy makes $50 million a year, and I've never once even almost smiled at something he said."

What do your kids think of you fighting? Do they spar with Dad or have they trained at all?

"My daughter hates it because she's very kind hearted and doesn't like to see people get hurt. My son thinks it's the coolest thing in the world because he name drops all the time (even though he's only 10) and works deals with kids in his class selling my autograph for things as varied as other kid's Halloween candy, to cash, to favors. He's a ruthless his mom. He took jiu jitsu for a while but didn't like it."

You are without a doubt one of the more vocal fighters in MMA. What do you make of someone like Chael Sonnen and his somewhat outlandish comments? Do you think they are comical or staged?

"I think it's staged to the degree that he doesn't believe the things he's saying. But the genius in it is, he has the ability to make others think that he believes the things he's saying. I'm a huge fan of his. He's one of the few people in MMA who makes me laugh."

Have you ever considered using performance enhancing drugs at all?

"Yes, but Viagra is very hard to get without a prescription."

Do you accredit yourself in Matt Mitrione's success?

"Not only to I give myself full credit in Matt's meteoric rise in the UFC's heavyweight division, I absolutely take no responsibility whatsoever for his recent loss to Cheick Kongo. I'm only responsible for the successes of others, not the failures. Just like in my life."

Has your next fight been scheduled so we can alert the fans to know where to look for you next?

"It was, then got canceled, so at the moment I am without anything whatsoever. I hope to continue this trend of fights not panning out so that I can finally reach my goal of being homeless by the end of 2012."

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