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January 22nd, 2012

On January 28th on Fox , The UFC will feature there second showing on the main network. The first time featured a record breaking audience that tuned in. This time around it promises to be much bigger with more fights being show on Fox. Unlike the first Fox show, where a title shot was shown, there will be no fight for a title but there will be several intriguing matchups that will result in title shots. The fights take place 8pm next Saturday on Fox with three fights being shown as opposed to the one fight that was show on the first Fox telecast of the UFC. Mark Munoz suffered an injury and was scheduled to meet Sonnen but now Bisping will face Sonnen and Maia will face Weidman.


Damian Maia (15-3 )vs. Chris Weidman(7-0) 3rds: middleweights

Maia has shown to have tremendous jiujitsu and is considered one of the best grapplers in the world. His standup has improved quite a bit. Weidman is  a Matt Serra trained fighter who in only one year of bjj training qualified and competed in the 2009 ADCC championship losing a close fight to Andre Galvao. He is a two time all-American wrestler and has beaten Alessio Sakara, Tom Lawlor and Jesse Bongfeldt in his brief UFC career. I’m selecting Weidman to decision Maia by using his wrestling to his advantage.


Michael Bisping (22-3) vs. Chael Sonnen (26-11-1) 3rds: middleweights

This might be a mistake by the UFC in booking this fight on short notice. But with injuries affecting this Fox card it is simply too important to screw up this card. Bisping and Sonnen know how to build up a rivalry and a fight, but with less than two weeks to prepare for each other don’t expect a whole lot of build-up for this fight due to the short period of time these two have. Still this is an important fight that both cannot afford to lose as the winner is all but guaranteed a title shot against Anderson Silva sometime in the Summer. Bisping has very good ground game and he has been taken down but he always finds away to scramble back to his feet. The last few fights Bisping has showed improved standup and has some of the best cardio in the division as he seems to rarely tire. Bisping is good in all areas but his specialty is on his feet. Sonnen is one of the best wrestlers in MMA and if he wants to take you down he will. Sonnen has underrated standup but look for him to try and take Bisping down. I see a decision victory for Sonnen over Bisping.


Rashad Evans (16-1-1) vs. Phil Davis (9-0) 3rds: Light heavyweights

Davis reminds me of Rashad Evans when he was first starting out in the UFC. Davis is an impressive wrestler with a standup that is improving. Evans has fought the very best in the division and make no mistake about it after waiting close to a year and a half for a title shot is more than ready. I think Davis is still too green and Evans much too experienced for Davis. I predict a stoppage victory for Evans.


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