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8 Count News Exclusive Interview: Darrel “King David” Madison

January 15th, 2009

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The heavyweight division is one of the most underrated in boxing. The division is full of elite fighters such as the Klitchko brothers and up and coming prospects. One of those shining top prospects, New York State Heavyweight champion Darrel “King David” Madison sat down with 8 Count News as he prepares for his fight Friday Night on the ESPN Friday Night Fights under card.



AS: Darrel Madison. Welcome to Key West Darrel; how was your flight down?


DM: Thanks for having me here. The flight went good and we got here early so I don’t have to worry about jet lag or anything. I have been at the hotel for a few hours and took a nap before I had to come out here to this press conference.


AS: Earlier this week, your original opponent Sherman Williams pulled out of his fight with a broken hand, and has been replaced by Domonic Jenkins, do you know anything about him and does the sudden change of opponent effect you at all?


DM: No, not at all. I trained six good, hard weeks for this fight and it doesn’t matter who the put in front of me. Domonic is a real good guy. He has some amateur experience and won the golden gloves in Texas. He has fought some good, tough guys like Chazz (Witherspoon) and Eddie Chambers and Ray Austin. He is not a guy to take lightly. The real big change is the height differential. I plan to stay back and work behind the jab and stay busy and put the rounds in the bad..


AS: Before we go to far, can you tell us about your past amateur experience.


DM:I Was a Golden Glove champion in three states and was nationally ranked 5th in the country. I won the Empire State games Championship, Buffalo/NYC championship also.  My last two years of boxing in the amateurs is when I got really serious about it and I cleaned up my game.


AS: Early in your career, you have had an impressive record of 12-1. Can you talk to us about the experience you went through from  your lone controversial loss?

DM:Well in a way it has been a blessing in disguise. Some people will say that Oh I already have a loss, but they don’t know me. It has actually made it a little easier to find opponents, because people see the one blemish on my record and see who it was against. They think that I was just looking for a way out, but they have no clue how it went down. Now I got guys taking fights with me, because they think they can beat me but when it comes to fight night then they see there is something totally different in front of them.


[NOTE: In Madison’s lone loss, he was clearly outclassing his opponent and had him down in the fight. His opponent quit after claiming he could no longer continue from a rabbit punch]


AS: You recently went to Germany to spar with Nicolay Valuev, can you tell us about that experience?

DM: It was a beautiful experience in Germany. Nicolay is a great guy. He is really big and taking on a big guy like that can prepare you take on any big guy. I’ve seen the biggest they have to offer out there and I’ve seen the smallest.


AS: What are your thoughts on the current state of the heavyweight division?

DM: It is getting a little bit better. It is really wide-open division but I think they are 25 to 30 fighters out there that are really trying to tighten up the top of the division.  We got fighters out there trying to take the bigger and better fights available.


AS: After Friday night, what is next for you?

DM: I want to keep fighting these bigger guys, and better opposition. I would like to fight the bigger name fighters, like the Sherman Williams’ and keep moving up. I beat one gatekeeper already (Zuri Lawrence) and would like to fight a couple more, then get in there with some of the top 20 guys. Hopefully after that, I can get my shot.


AS: Any final comments?

DM: Tune into the fight Friday night. Read about it, look at pictures from it, whatever you have to do, don’t miss it. It is going to be an action packed night. I’m going to put the rounds in the bag and box my way to a knockout if it comes.



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