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The Undeniable Ability of Vic Darchinyan

Maybe it’s just me, but Vic Darchinyan doesn’t come across as the most likeable guy. Darchinyan, the current IBF, WBA, and WBC Super Flyweight Champion, has had a history of pre-fight trash talking theatrics and an overall dismissive approach towards his opponents. Leading into his February 7th bout against Jorge Arce, Darchinyan is again in rare form, calling the former champion ‘a disgrace to Mexican boxing’ and stating that Arce is ‘stupid’ and that the fight will end up with him ‘bei ng carried out of the ring’.

Darchinyan’s verbal assaults before every fight is what we have all become accustomed to, as the Armenian born, Australian resident is full of bravado and confidence. Some are turned off by Darchinyan and relished seeing his knockout loss at the hands of young Nonito Donaire, while others simply love Darchinyan’s all out attack while inside of the ropes. Whether fighting or trash talking, it’s obvious that Darchinyan is a bit rough around the edges.

Before his ill-fated bout against Donaire, Darchinyan was undefeated and riding a wave of confidence that had those around him left with the impression that he considered himself nearly invincible. Darchinyan’s ego was given a reality check that night, in the form of a flush left hook that had the ‘Raging Bull’ tasting canvas in the 5th round. Darchinyan attempted to rise but instead stumbled to the ropes, prompting referee Eddie Claudio to call a halt to the bout. The knockout was sweet vindication for his detractors and served as a serious wake up call for Darchinyan.

After such a crushing loss it was debatable how well Darchinyan would recover but in that time since he has gone on to show his true worth as a fighter. A move up in weight signaled a new beginning for Vic, and despite some question marks being raised with a February 2008 Draw with Z Gorres, Darchinyan soon began to get things rolling.

In August of last year Darchinyan met widely respected Dimitri Kirilov in an attempt to wrestle the IBF Super Flyweight belt away from his Russian foe. The bout started fast and furious and we soon began seeing glimpses of the old Darchinyan, as the southpaw bludgeoned Kirilov with stiff combinations from the outset. In a brutal and dominant affair, Darchinyan controlled the tempo in every round and had Kirilov reeling in the 5th. A knockout followed moments later an d Darchinyan had restored much of the luster that was lost from his bout with Donaire.

The win rejuvenated Darchinyan’s career and just three months later he jumped back into the fire against dangerous and highly skilled WBA and WBC Champion Cristian Mijares. Mijares’ boxing ability and overall skillset were expected to give Darchinyan many trying moments but the bout soon played out as a showcase outing for the ‘Raging Bull’. Darchinyan overcame Mijares’ style with raw aggression and power punching. Leading 79-72 on all three cards heading into the 9th, Darchinyan ended matters towards the end of the round with a volley of left hand bombs. An intriguing bout on paper ended up being a one-sided contest in Vic’s favor and served as notice to the boxing wo rld that the ‘Bull’ was officially back.

Vic Darchinyan will never win ‘Man of the Year’ and his unruly attitude goes hand in hand wit h a style inside of the ropes that isn’t technically appealing to watch. Regardless, Darchinyan must be given much credit for the way he bounced back from his devastating loss to Donaire to again rise through the championship ranks in a new weight class. While not always easy to take, there is an undeniable ability that Vic Darchinyan has about himself and that’s why he will always be dangerous.

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