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Predicting Pacquiao vs Hatton Based on Previous Opponents

It’s a given that the upcoming Pacquiao versus Hatton match will give the fans their money’s worth. With both fighters looking to knock each other out, we are all assured of nonstop action from the first round. Predicting the outcome of this fight is harder than it seems. Both fighters have distinct advantages that may give them the edge come fight night. Pacquiao has a definite edge in speed and overall boxing skills, but Hatton has the advantage in power, being the naturally...

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Exclusive Video Interview: Tito Ortiz caught up with the legendary former UFC light heavyweight champion of the world, Tito Ortiz.  The Huntington Beach Bad Boy gave 8CN a good update on what he's been up to as of late.  Ortiz looks to get back into the cage soon, he's had successful back surgery, and feels the best he's felt in years.  Tito gave 8CN an update on his career, and also shares with us that he and his wife Jenna Jameson just had twin boys. Don't miss what else this legend had to...

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Thu, 05 Feb 2009 19:13:00

Why Joe Calzaghe is not a legend

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Joe Calzaghe has announced that he has retired from the sport of boxing.  He is no doubt a great champion, and should be recognized as such.  With that said, I don't believe that Joe Calzaghe warrants legendary status and this is why.  Who has Joe Calzaghe fought for the first 80 percent of his career?  Can you without going to name any of his opponents?

With the exception of Omar Sheika in 2000 who has Calzaghe fought prior to 2006 that anyone has ever heard of ? Perhaps some of the UK fans that are hardcore followers of Calzaghe can name a few.  It wasn't until 2006 when Joe finally fought people that the boxing fans have heard of.  And it wasn't until 2008, with the exception of a fight in Germany until Joe finally left the UK nest and fought in America.  In 2008 Calzaghe finally made his arrival in America and took on a much older Bernard Hopkins.  I wonder how a young in his prime Bernard Hopkins would have done against Joe Calzaghe?

Calzaghe beat an overrated Jeff Lacy, and against Peter Manfredo Jr he got a quick 3rd round stoppage using fast pitty pat punches that didn't even hurt anyone.  When he met up with Sakio Bika, he got all that he could handle and got out of there with a 12 round unanimous decision.  Against a past his prime Roy Jones Jr, he ended up on his tail early in the fight.  He did get up, and he did cruise to a rather easy victory, but again, it was against another fighter that was well past their prime. 

In my opinion Joe Calzaghe's most impressive effort was against Mikkel Kessler in November, 2007.  Kessler in my opinion is the only A class fighter still in his prime that Joe Calzaghe has beaten.  Hopkins, Jones Jr, all well past their primes. Manfredo Jr? a tough kid that was too small for Calzaghe and with a lot less experience.  Lacy? A good fighter, but a fighter that was overrated.  That leaves Kessler, and beating him does not make you a legend.

Joe Calzaghe has retired as an undefeated world champion, and that is something very impressive. With that said, I don't believe that he has beaten enough A class fighters still in the prime of their careers to warrant legendary status.

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Comment left by James Read

I hear wat ur saying but regardless of there ages he did fight sum of boxings best and hopkins is as dangerous now as ever as was made abundantly clear when he took on the much younger and dangerous kelly pavlik. Roy Jones was also still dangerous and the win holds merit. I believe Calzaghe deserves legend status as he fought wars in the ring and came back from knockdowns to win. He also beat big up and comers such as kessler. Give him his due, he is undefeated after all:)

Comment left by burto

Joe Calzaghe is retired? I cannot belive it. He will be back

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Pacquiao KO early rounds
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