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"When water comes…everything changes."

Want to make a real difference in Africa?  Want to change lives forever?
By joining with Project Hydr8, you can help bring clean water to some of the 1.1 billion people who
don't have it today.

Our first project is to raise funds to construct a water well in Western Kenya.   This fresh water well
will be placed at a medical clinic, school or church where it can provide water to an entire community
for less than $10 per person for 10 YEARS or more of water.  Ten Years!!

Your contribution will be used, 100%, for actual project construction. 

A few months after we fund our first well, we'll post pictures, GPS coordinates and the community's reaction, right here for everyone to see.

Why Water Matters?

It's hard to imagine that with so much wealth in our world that 1 in 6 people are forced to walk miles
for dirty, diseased water.Clean water lies at the heart of many problems facing the developing world.  Poverty, hunger, health, education…you name it…and a solution begins with access to clean water.

How You Can Help?

Your support makes this work possible! 100% of your gift goes towards water project construction.
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