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Exclusive Interview with Nate Campbell

 Former undisputed lightweight world champion Nate Campbell sat down with 8CN and gave us his thoughts on his recent performance against Ali Funeka. Campbell tells 8CN that he plans on taking a short break, and then right back into the gym. Look for Campbell to campaign at 140lbs, this is a weight division where he will have no trouble making the weight. For anyone who feels as if this class act is done, they have another thing coming. Nate is not too many more birthdays from 40 years old,...

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Last Stand for the Iceman

It is often said that in sports-- especially those that require physical exertion - success usually depends on whether the participant is stronger, quicker, and can execute better than his opponent. Take tennis for instance. Perhaps nothing is as physically taxing a sport, where matches could take as long as four hours or more. Tennis players need to possess a combination of stamina, speed, and power to succeed. Stamina is needed for the player to last the entire match, speed to be able...

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Sun, 15 Feb 2009 00:43:00

Nate Campbell survives Funeka

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Cosme Rivera vs Alfredo Angulo

Alfredo Angulo destroyed a game but outclassed Cosme Rivera. The only question about this fight was why the Hell did the referee let the fight go on as long as he did? Rivera took several unnecessary blows to the head. Props to the Florida Athletic Commission for stepping in and stopping the fight because Lord knows it didn't seem as if the referee was going to Official time 2:38 of round 5 TKO Angulo

Sergio Martinez vs Kermit Cintron

In what Kermit Cintron thought was a head butt was really a perfectly placed left hand thrown by Sergio Martinez in the 7th round. Cintron got up right before the 10 count (or so we think so anyway), but the fight was called over by the referee. The confusion was cleared up shortly afterwards, and the referee let the fight continue. Cintron had a few decent moments, but Martinez clearly out boxed him for the majority of the fight. One point was deducted from Martinez in the final round, and that's what would cost him the victory. The official scores are as follows.

116/110 113/113 113/113 a majority draw. No doubt about it, Martinez was robbed in this fight, he clearly out boxed Cintron.

Nate Campbell vs Ali Funeka

Nate Campbell dropped Funeka in the second round. Funeka was able to to get up at the count of 9 but he was on real shaky legs. Rounds 3, 4 and 5 were not as eventful but they seemed to go Campbell's way as well. Most of Funeka's shots were blocked by Campbell, however, Campbell could have been more active in answering. Rounds 6 and 7 were Funeka's rounds, he was able to box himself back into the fight by outworking Campbell. Campbell kept on trying to land that big right hand and got away from using his jab. Campbell had a better round 8 successfully going to the body. It looked like Campbell started to get tired in round 9, the younger Funeka's work rate remained high, and although his shots weren't powerful they counted. Round 10 looked like it was Funeka's round. Once again he seemed to have outworked Campbell throwing more punches. In round 11 Nate Campbell landed another big right hand that dropped Funeka. Campbell was unable to finish him though, he crowded his punches and because of that Funeka was able to survive again. Round 12 was close, 8CN gave it to Campbell because he was busier and landed the more effective punches. It would be the knockdowns that decided this one, Campbell's two knockdowns pulled out the fight for him.

Official scores - 113/113 115/11 114/112 MD Nate Campbell


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